By: Josh Bathke | SCHEELS Trap Shooting Expert

Children and young adults who learn the right way to shoot are more apt to continue shooting later in life. We, as a shooting community, have noticed the downturn in middle aged shooters and the need to replace the older generation that are no longer able to shoot. My goal as a shooter and coach is to replace myself with as many trap shooters as I can. I probably won’t ever win any big competitions, and am slightly above average at best, but if I can teach someone, and instill a passion and drive within them, maybe someday they might continue in the sport of shooting.


In all youth shooting sports, firearms safety is unquestionably the number one thing coaches stress to their shooters. Everyone is taught to correct any unsafe gun handling by anyone on the range or field. This translates off the range, as they have a heightened awareness to what is going on when firearms are involved. They have been taught how to deal with someone that has been handling a gun unsafely and aren’t afraid to correct them. They understand the responsibility that comes with handling a firearm.


Anyone and everyone can shoot. You don’t need to be a five-star athlete to compete in shooting sports. Shooting sports can give any youth shooter a sense of accomplishment, as an individual or team. Shooting and breaking targets is just plain fun!