Marathon Preparation

Marathon Preparation

I’d like to give you this guide for marathon preparation so you can avoid the mistakes people have made in the past, myself included.


What’s In Our Gym Bag?

Packing your gym bag may seem like an easy task which can be completed quickly, while running out the door. However, we know this isn't always the case. We are all too familiar with arriving at the gym and realizing we are missing an essential piece of equipment.


Bike Accessories 2017

It's time to get your bike ready for spring! Make this year all about style with some of our favorite picks in bike accessories.


Training For a 10K

For those who say there is not enough time in the day, challenge yourself to set a new schedule. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, it just takes dedication to stick to a plan. A major deterrent is not rearranging your current day to day.


Runner’s Guide To Shoes

What shoe is right for you? Read on to learn what type of foot you have and the best shoe to provide maximum comfort.


Training For a Half Marathon

Do you have a goal in 2017 of completing a road race? Whether this is your first or tenth time, setting up a plan to follow is always needed for both beginners and experts. Remember, the hardest part of any plan is to START!


Training For A Marathon

Keep your diet on the same track as your body. Dismiss bad habits during training and learn how to keep them after the race is done.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him & Her

From blender bottles to Lucy Activewear, these gifts are sure to wow your Valentine. Saxx underwear, Hydroflask, Toms, Locally Grown, Stance socks and more.

Top Fitness Picks For February

We are staying true to our resolutions by hitting the gym and getting our sweat on! We are always on the search for fitness gear that can keep up. There is nothing worse than settling in to downward dog and have your shirt roll up or killing a squat session and your pants start to slowly move down for undesired exposure.


Top 10 Fitness Accessories

Here are this year's top 10 fitness accessories you need to have for your best workout.


True Nutrition: Eating For Wellness

We ask so much of our bodies day in and day out and expect them to perform, yet we consistently miss out on properly fueling them.


Black Friday Survival Guide

Hot coffee, cold weather and a magnitude of waiting in lines for doors to open. It’s that time of year again,...

Athlete Holiday Gift Guide

SCHEELS carries everything the athlete in your life could possible want. To make it easier, our experts have selected gifts that will fuel their passion for fitness. Whether it’s training for your first marathon or just another early morning at the gym, this gift guide has something for everyone. Choose from a vast variety of options including footwear, clothing, and at home gym equipment. Take the first step towards celebrating this special time of year with the perfect gift for any fitness fanatic.


The Fat Bike Revolution

The weather is cooling down and snow is on the eminent horizon. That means for many of us it’s almost time to hang up the bike for 5 months of dormancy. Or, is it? Maybe for some the season is just beginning. Welcome to the Fat bike revolution.


The Service Shop

In time, all things need maintenance. This is why the SCHEELS Service Shop exists. To keep you riding longer, going faster, turning sharper, and playing harder than you ever thought you could. These individuals are the unsung heroes of sport. They are technicians, makers, builders, perfecters, and EXPERTS in every sense of the word.


Conquer Winter Running

When it is freezing outside or you have to start running at 4 a.m., what do you do? The treadmill is one of the greatest inventions for the person that doesn’t want to be bogged down in layers, yet still needs to run.


A Cyclist’s Guide For Fall Riding

Fall riding is some of the best riding of the year. Summer just ended so the heat is starting to go away. Race season is coming to an end, you’re in the best shape of the year and the trail conditions are as prime as they are going to get.


Bring The Fit Inside

Not all of us enjoy being out in the cold weather, so with that being said, we need some fitness options that can keep us motivated while being indoors. The first thing I would consider is looking at the classes offered at your local gym.


Fall Running: Essential Gear

Every year I find my summer running gear moving towards the back of the drawer and my winter transition gear creeping forward, forecasting the inevitable change in weather. Many find this impending change of seasons sad, knowing that winter is right around the corner. Like summer and winter running, the right gear makes it no big deal to tackle any type of run.


Dressing For Fall Fitness

The weather is changing but it is more than worth it to stay active outside, even though it is getting colder and the conditions are going to start to change.


Fitness Tracking: Wearables

If you feel like you are missing a key piece to your fitness lifestyle, you may want to look into getting a wearable, also known as a fitness tracker. This small piece of tech can be the motivation that keeps you going even when you are ready to give up. Find the right fitness tracker for your new fit lifestyle.


Shoe Drop: What You Need To Know

As a distance runner, I have a favorite pair of shoes. When I found those shoes, I bought as many pairs as I could get my hands on and I wore them all into the ground. As I started studying running and learning from my mistakes, and unfortunately my injuries, I realized this company didn’t have a shoe in their line that was compatible to the way I was running now.


Transitional Running Gear

Fall is officially here and the frost has settled in. October weather can be difficult to judge when gearing up for a run. If you are an AM runner, your wardrobe should reflect this.


Cogburn CB4 Fat Tire Bike

The Cogburn CB4 Bicycle is the ultimate option of the outdoorsman or woman with the desire to get deep into the backcountry. This bike has a multitude of options that will allow you to get deeper into the backcountry and see more terrain in comfort and speed.


Your College Closet

It's time to go back to school, which means moving your entire wardrobe. We are here to help you organize, figure out what pieces you actually need to take with you and what apparel you should add once you arrive.


8 Things You Need To Know About Trail Riding

The number one concern among every cyclist should be safety. Whether you are a beginner, or an elite athlete, let’s face it, accidents happen. Thousands of cyclists are injured ever year, and hundreds killed in accidents that often are associated with cars and other vehicles.


Garmin Forerunner 920XT Review

Running is your exercise escape. Be sure you have the right gear to keep your outdoor run enjoyable.


Running: Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

Stress fractures are common in distance runners and especially individuals that are sedentary and start distance running. This is largely due to your bones not being strong enough to take on the newly built up muscles and the muscles win by bending your bones until they crack. Focus on the tips below to avoid rookie running mistakes.


The Gear You Need To Take Up Running

Throw on a pair of shoes, shorts and a t-shirt and head out for a run. Although this seems like an easy task, choosing the right running clothing can make or break your run. Many running enthusiasts can tell you running horror stories of early running experiences.


Must-Haves On Bikes

The three most important body parts to be sure are comfortable on a road bike are your feet, sit bones (yes, your butt) and hands. Think of these three body parts as a three point comfort system, as they are the three contact points of a rider to his or her bike. These are areas to take care of, especially on long rides.


Choosing The Proper Helmet

Wearing a bicycling helmet in the past was uncomfortable, hot and didn’t look very ‘cool’. Most people didn’t buy a helmet and those that did would leave them in the garage when they went out for a ride.


Cycling Race Prep

Race day is nearing and we want to ensure you are rested up. The week before a big race is crucial. A common mistake is thinking that rest means stopping riding completely while we believe scaling back is better than stopping altogether.


Trek In-Store & Service Shop

A bike is far more complicated than two wheels and a frame. In fact, an average bike has more than 1500 individual parts. Because of this, our mechanics attend a Scheels-specific, ten-day course at the renowned Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs, CO.


Safely Cycle Into Spring

As spring approaches and days get longer our desire to hit the road and spin the winter cobwebs from our legs increases. The open road with fresh, cool air is much more enjoyable to ride than the trainer most people restrict themselves to over the winter.


The Gym: Trial & Error

For so many people, the hardest part of exercise is just knowing what to do and how to get started. There are so many options out there when it comes to gyms and types of exercise and it can certainly be overwhelming.


10 things that keep us motivated

It can be difficult to stay motivated and focused during this time of year. The weather seems to be sitting still, not wanting to change any time soon and going to the gym can get stale.


Strength Training

Weight training is an essential component of any person’s exercise program. Whether you are looking to gain strength, lose weight, or maintain fitness as you age, a consistent commitment to strength training will provide the results you are looking for.

BLT Pasta Salad

A meal isn’t complete without a side dish. This simple yet tasteful BLT Pasta Salad is the perfect side dish that will have your guests or family members serving up seconds!

The Ultimate Long Ride Checklist

Going on a bicycling trip can be exciting and stressful all at the same time


Finding Your Perfect Snowshoe

When it comes to picking out the right snowshoe, there are 3 big questions that help narrow your options.


At-Home Workouts & Accessories

Enjoy the convenience of working out at home? With these workouts and gear there is no need to go out in bad weather or wait in line for a machine to open up.


Cold Weather Running Essentials

Running is your exercise escape. As the weather gets colder, be sure you have the right gear to keep your outdoor run enjoyable.


Dorm Fitness

Staying fit in college can be a struggle. Between studying and running from class to class, free time no longer exists to hit the gym or go for a run. Even when you have time available, dorm rooms are pretty limited on space. With a little help from us, finding a routine that requires a small amount of space and time is easier than ever.


Shifting Gears Into Winter Riding

The winter season is finally upon us. While many of you have already experienced a month of freezing temps and snow, you may find this info a bit late.



We understand that staying fit and stress free over the holidays isn't the easiest task. Family and food are inevitable along with spats about where to hang the Christmas lights. Yoga is a great way to keep stress and sweet treats at bay.

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