Expert Jenn Bast




I have been a SCHEELS associate since 2010. I love being involved in all kinds of outdoor activities including biking, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, cross country skiing, down hill skiing, snowboarding, and snow shoeing. During my college stay at UWEC, I was on the waterski and wakeboard team and also re-ignited my love for cycling. That led my career to SCHEELS as a Sports Expert where I fell in love with getting people into the right equipment and introducing customers to all the amazing sports I love myself. I was introduced to paddle boarding during the start of my career where I quickly became an expert paddle boarder. I was the featured Stand Up Paddle Expert in the 2013-2015 paddle board campaign commercials. Currently I am staying busy with inline skate racing along with road and mountain biking and any other kind of outdoor activity.

I set a young 8 year old girl named Katie up with rollerblades. Jokingly, I made a comment that she needs to become a mountain biker with the amount of energy she had. It just so happened that she was going to Oregon for the summer for a ski camp and they would get to mountain bike out there. Her mom contacted me to give Katie lessons which I gladly agreed to. The first 30 seconds of us riding, she crashed which ended in tears. After working our way to harder trails and going over bigger logs, I saw her progress from tears to being completely fearless. On our second riding session together, Katie not only kept up with me, but took the lead on the trails. I’ve never been so inspired by any customer the way Katie has inspired me to get up and keep going. It is the best feeling in the world to know that I introduced a little girl to a sport that she will grow up loving.


  • SCHEELS Associate since 2010
  • Active member in the local biking, paddling, and ski groups
  • 2013-2015 Paddle Board Campaign Participant