Expert Theresa Hanson




I started out my love for the water as a baby. We had a pool in our backyard so my aunts had me swimming very early, so a fear of water never existed; it was a comfort spot. I loved swimming so much that when I turned 16, I started lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons for many years at local pools.

As a kid, I was introduced to my first water sport, tubing. My family had simple tubes with the holes in the middle that you could either sit in or lay on top of. We would get pulled for hours all over the lake and even through the weeds. As we got older, we were introduced to skiing. I was fortunate enough to have lots of teachers eager and patient to teach me. In my younger years, I loved tubing with my sisters and cousins. The crazier the rides, the better! I think I was about 12 when I finally started skiing and left the tubing for the others. Over the years I have loved tubing, attempted to kneeboard and wakeboard, but skiing has been my favorite since day 1. You just can’t beat the feeling of a great run on the slalom ski. I have spent many summers on the lake with family and friends and enjoyed every moment of it. If we are not on a boat, we are swimming, kayaking, or on the paddle-boards. I have created so many memories filled with success, failed attempts, big crashes, and even a chipped tooth that I look forward to every summer to create more. It’s one of my favorite places to be and look forward to passing down my passion by teaching others.


  • Associate since 2007
  • Previous lifeguard
  • Taught swimming lessons