Expert Jessica Becker




I was introduced to volleyball in 4th grade by one of my friend’s dad who was creating a team for an SYA league. We played during the fall and in the spring as well. We started from scratch, volleyball was an unfamiliar game to me, my family and my friends. We learned the basics, to pass and to underhand serve. By the spring, I was one of the first girls to be able to get an overhand serve over the net. 5th grade came along and my coach told me to try out for the local club team in the 12 and under division. I find out that I made the team! I was so excited; the club world was a totally different world. So, for the next 5 years, I played for the local club team and competed in the State AAU Volleyball tournament and in the Great Plains division. Over the years, my passion for volleyball grew more and more. I was told there was more out there than State AAU and Great Plains, bigger and better competition. I went into sophomore year of high school and I tried out for a different club team that branched out around the Sioux City area. The club played in the Great Plains and the USA division. The club announced that I made the team. That year, we played in AAU Nationals in Florida and placed 9th placed out of 96 teams. The next two years, we qualified for USA Nationals, which took placed in Dallas and Minneapolis, in which we placed 12 out of 124 teams both years. My senior year of high school, I received an honorable mention as a Defensive Specialist in our All-MRC conference and set a school record in number of digs at 346 digs in a season. I am grateful to be able to play NAIA volleyball at a local college in Sioux City. After my first year of college, I was able to coach a freshman volleyball team in a small town in South Dakota and be an assistant coach for the varsity team, which placed 4th in the South Dakota State Volleyball Tournament.

My favorite customer memory was when I was helping a mom and her daughter with some volleyball shoes. I asked the daughter if she has played volleyball before and she said that she played in club. I instantly connected with her. We got talking on where she went to school and what club team she played on. I recognized the club name that she told me and we talked about different tournaments that she played in. I got to tell her my experience with playing in a USA National volleyball tournament and she started to get really excited about the club season to come. I then asked her what brand she preferred, what color she liked and I also told her what shoes I had used in the past (Mizuno Wave Lightning). She actually tried on the shoes that I told her that I used in the past and said she really liked them and took them. I asked her if she needed an extra pair of knee pads to carry in her bag just in case she lost the pair that she had, any new pairs of spandex, socks or ankle braces. She ended up getting everything I recommended to her, which were the things that I used. A new pair of shoes, a pack of Nike socks, a new pair of Mizuno knee pads, a new pair of Mizuno spandex and a new pair of Mueller ankle braces. All between getting the items, we were talking about the game of volleyball. I reminded the mom to use her SCHEELS card too to get double points since it was Card Member Appreciation week. Her mom couldn’t stop saying thank you to me, which means a lot to me. I told the mom and daughter to come to one of my college volleyball games and they gladly accepted the invitation. We exchanged our goodbyes and I wished her luck on her season. Being able to connect with a customer on something your both passionate about makes working at SCHEELS and my job even more enjoyable.


  • Competed in the State AAU Volleyball Tournament
  • Placed 9th at the AAU Nationals in Florida
  • Placed 12th at the USA Nationals
  • Received Honorable Mention as a Defensive Specialist in the conference
  • School record of 346 digs in a season
  • South Dakota State Volleyball Tournament Coach