Expert Cory Rigby




I can actually pin point what drove me to become an expert in this field. I was hunting mule deer when I was 14 years old in the Bitterroot mountains of MT. It was early morning opening day and I was hiking into a high mountain meadow with my older brother. We had seen a huge buck in this meadow all summer and I was hoping to find him in his normal hiding spot. Well that didn’t quite happen. As my brother and I crested the last hill, we spotted the buck at the same time he spotted us. I remember trying to get prone and set up while my older brother ranged the biggest buck I have ever seen on the hoof. It took me a few minutes to get set up and even longer for my brother to get an accurate range. The buck was just outside my maximum effective range! As we tried to reposition, the buck slipped away never to be seen again. As I walked down the mountain with my head hung low, my brother and I talked about how the technology and equipment was available and would have allowed us to make that shot. I made a decision right there, on the spot, to be better prepared by next season. I knew I was going to have to become a better shooter to become a better hunter. I was pretty lucky because I also knew the men who had the answers and where they frequently shopped. Mr. Hafner was a retired military man who had been a coach on several of our nation’s shooting teams. Mr. Burris was also retired military and shot all the local F-class matches. Mr. Burris taught me the basics of precision field shooting and I was off and running. I’m pretty sure I spent the next two years of my life talking both those men’s ears off. I have not seen either of these men in years, but I owe them an incredible debt for giving me the foundation that allowed me to get to where I am at today! After a few years of training, I started shooting F class and as time passed I moved into the PRS game. I currently try to shoot 2-3 matches a year.

My most memorable customer moment was with a young man named Chris who reminded me a lot of myself. His father had just moved him from “back east” and they had spent 2 weeks trying to hunt antelope. After 14 days of frustration, the kid knew he nor his father had the right gear for the job. The equipment that had allowed them to shoot whitetails at 50 yards for years was not well matched to taking antelope at 300+ yards. I spent an entire afternoon setting up Chris with the right gear. I know he left with his mind made up just like I had. He was going to have to work on his shooting to be a more effective hunter. I didn’t see the kid for a little over a year but when he came back in he was sure to hunt me down. Chris had a phone full of pictures of all his harvests and in each picture was the rifle/optic I had sold him. Chris also informed me he would be participating in one of our local PRS matches that summer to make himself an even better shooter. I’m not sure who was more proud.


  • Shoots F class
  • Precision Rifle Instructor
  • Currently shoots 2-3 matches a year
  • Custom rifle builder