Expert Cameron Holland
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I was around 6 years old when my old man asked if I wanted to go with on a duck hunt in the morning with my uncle. I was young and didn’t have anything going on so I said absolutely. I remember laying in bed thinking this is going to be awesome. I fell asleep and woke up to my dad saying “ready to go”? Little did he know I was already dressed in my camo and had my boots tied tight under the covers in my bed. We got to the field and it was amazing. It was pitch dark outside, I couldn’t see anything outside the headlights besides the combines in the field a mile or two away and my dad said “See those space ships”? I’ll never forget that.  They shot a couple birds and then went to my uncles for breakfast. I felt like I was one of the guys at such a young age. From that day forward I’ve struggled to sleep before a waterfowl hunt. I can probably count on one hand how many total hours of sleep I’ve got the night before a hunt.

The more I hunted the more I looked at it differently. I could look at a feed of birds while scouting and pick something new up every time. It didn’t matter if it was how snow geese actively fed or that a hen mallard was the one actually quacking. There is always something new to learn about waterfowl hunting and that’s what keeps me intrigued and coming back to the sport.