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February 8, 2017

Shed Hunting Gear

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Shed hunting has become a growing trend on social media and in the outdoor industry. Your friends and favorite influencers are constantly posting their finds online. The question that quickly follows is why?

Halon 32

The draw cycle of the bow is like running a hot knife through butter. It’s so smooth that it makes pulling 70 pounds feel like a dream.

January 4, 2017

Phone Skope

Phone skope

Digiscoping has become a very popular trend in the hunting and outdoor industry. Capturing images through your optics will allow you to scout more efficiently and to share your experiences with friends and family.

December 9, 2016

Coyote Calling Nuances


“We had the opportunity to pick Geoff Nemnich’s brain for this article highlighting some of the hottest trends and considerations for hunting today’s pressured coyotes.”


Sausage, jerky and seasoned ground meat is a great use for any leftovers you may have from the butchering process. We put together a list of some of our favorite rubs, sauces, seasonings and kits to choose from when prepping your game this year.


Take the time to educate yourself on the cuts of meat that can be used for different recipes. The options are endless with game meat, so we decided to provide a few general suggestions on how to use different cuts. Enjoy the excitement of the hunt, but most importantly, appreciate the privilege and opportunity to hunt.


We’ve all hear the saying, “The true work begins after the shot.” The reality is, you truly do you have a major chore in front of you. Whether you hunt big game or waterfowl you have to get it broken down and in the freezer or to the processor. If you then choose to process your own meat you need to make your cuts and sort the meat according to your end products. (steaks, sausage, jerky, etc)

September 28, 2016

Waterfowl Decoying Tips


Waterfowl hunting continues to evolve as decoys become more realistic each season. While the waterfowl hunting experience of decoying birds may be thousands of years old dating back to the beginnings of man, the escalation of movement, realism and concealment options continue to redefine decoy hunting for ducks and geese.


Setting a camera over a deer scrape can be one of the best ways to inventory what bucks you have on your farm. It will also give you some of the best video you can get for a camera. I like to start my mock scrapes in early September. I usually locate a spot that had a scrape in the area last year or put it near a very heavily used trail.

September 21, 2016

Waterfowl Hunting Blinds


Every waterfowler has a preference as to how they hunt. Whether it is in the field, over water or off the road, they all find success. Puddle jumping is fun, but the most adrenaline filled experience is typically reflected upon having a flock of Canadas locked up on top of you, thousands of snows stacked up for days or even a tornado of mallards pouring into your favorite honey-hole. These are all accomplished through a great presentation with your decoys/calling and also your ability to remain hidden. We have put together a selection of some of the best options available so you are able to get closer and create the most memorable experiences this season.

September 20, 2016

Holster Fitting: How To


Holster selection is an important part of the gun buying/owning process. If you think about it, your firearm will most likely be stored in 3 places: the gun safe, the range bag and a holster. The gun owner will directly interact with their firearm while it is in the holster. This makes the selection of a holster very important.

September 15, 2016

2016 Upland Hunting Season


Chasing upland birds can be a very physical game. Depending on the area you are hunting the terrain and vegetation can be difficult to navigate. Similar to any other hunting excursion, proper gear and preparation will allow you to be successful when the opportunity presents itself.

September 13, 2016

Where To Place A Treestand


One of the most asked questions in hunting is where to place a treestand or blind. I have found 3 places that seem to always be successful.

September 9, 2016

What’s in the Pack


A backcountry hunt requires a long list of gear and preparation. This list provides a variety of essentials including hunting accessories, camping gear, survival kits, food prep, and a quality pack.


It’s no secret, there is a slew of gear out there and it’s mind blowing as to where to start. There are definitely items, if you want to spend the money, that will be worth the time, stress, hassle, and will allow you to focus on what you love to do…hunt. While all of us would love the best of the best, our pockets only go so deep, so where is your hard earned dollar best spent?

August 18, 2016

Scent Control

Jake Shooting

I am a big believer in two scent control companies on the market today: Dead Down Wind Evolve 3 and Nose Jammer. Dead Down Wind makes multiple products that I use during season and I truly feel they help mask the human odor.

August 18, 2016

Adjusting Lead


Nothing is more frustrating for wing shooters than shooting at a bird and coming up empty time after time. As much as we want to blame it on the equipment, most of the time it is operator error. After switching chokes and ammo to diagnose the problem with the same end result, you may want to consider this effective approach to adjusting lead.

August 11, 2016

Choke Tube Selection

Chad Waterfowl

When selecting a choke tube, you have endless options of size, shape, constriction and color. There are many similarities out there, but choosing the proper choke or chokes is key to your success in the field.


To recap Part I, you recovered your harvest, skinned and quartered the animal. The next step is to debone the quarters, transfer the meat into game bags and load the bag into your pack or on your frame.


This two part blog will provide specific insight on the different processes of breaking down an animal and getting it back to the truck and in the cooler. This will be followed by future segments filled with different ways to prep your harvest for your friends and family.

July 25, 2016

Treestands: Lone Wolf


As a guy who never hunts public ground, why would I want an extremely portable stand? To sum it all up, why wouldn’t you want the most portable tree stand on the market?

TM Treestand

There is a vast variety of product and gear available in the growing hunting industry. The key factor in choosing the best product is to determine the adventure one is about to embark and the situations that will arise. Tom Miranda has provided his go to list for hunting essentials. Use this gear guide to assist in prepping for the upcoming season.


Planning is the safest way to enjoy yourself while in the backcountry. Always pre-plan! Pre-pack, unpack and pack again. Here are the top items you will need in your pack for a successful backcountry trip.