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To beat a tough bite for lakers on my home waters in Colorado, I start by checking classic cover and structure, such as humps, weed edges, flats and drop-offs.

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We have worked extensively to build a custom line up of high quality Clam Ice Fishing Shelters that are found exclusively at SCHEELS.Hub and flip over shelters are offered in a variety of options and sizes allowing you to pick the perfect setup for your situation on the ice.

Clam Panfish

Early and late ice are coveted periods of time for targeting panfish. With midwinter being a slow time it is important to know how to target these fish.

JM Walleye

SCHEELS has partnered with Clam Outdoors and legendary ice angler Jason Mitchell to create the most rugged and functional selection of ice shelters found only at SCHEELS. This SCHEELS exclusive lineup of ice shelters are extensively designed and tested for hardcore ice fishing with industry leading technology and features.


With this excitement to fish comes the opportunity to update electronics that will have a big impact on our fishing success this season. Here you will find helpful information you need to choose your next flasher unit.

December 6, 2016

Going to School


No secret that many fish we like to target through the ice will eventually slide out and winter over holes and basins. These wintering holes will typically load up with fish each winter. While you might be targeting crappie or bluegill, you may encounter channel catfish, drum, white bass or tullibee depending on the body of water.

November 18, 2016

Contact Crappie

JM Dave G

Many first ice crappie locations can be somewhat predictable. Troughs, dips, channels and holes seem to concentrate crappie in the fall, which tend to hold into the winter.


This article is meant to serve as a starting point for anglers considering a trip to Lake Winnipeg. We do suggest that you do your own homework to research the details for your specific situation to ensure you have a successful trip.

Jacob Walleye

What’s the first thing your buddies ask after you put a piggy greenback on the ice? Probably the most asked question is, “what’s the hot color & what lure are you using?”


As autumn turns to fall, many outdoorsmen are pulled in many directions. For some, there isn’t enough time in a day right now, for others, we are packing away our summer equipment and looking forward to the hard water. Right now, during this transition, its “Prime time” to get your shelters and augers ready for ICE.


Some of the best fishing of the year occurs during the fall. At this time, walleyes are eating often. As a predator near the top of the food chain, walleyes will have other fish in their crosshairs. Here are a few tips to put more trophies in your boat this fall.

November 7, 2016

Spoon Tweaking Perch

JM Perch

Few lures can be as effective day in and day out for jumbo perch as spoons. This lure category packs weight, flash and water displacement into the presentation. Spoons can be seen and one aspect of finding fish is making sure that the fish can find you.


Separating the cities of Fargo ND and Moorhead MN, is an amazing fishery that few anglers take advantage of. The Red River is an often over looked paradise for the angler seeking to do battle with a true trophy. While there are over 70 species of fish in the Red River, Channel Catfish are the preferred target largely due to the fact they are plentiful and powerful. We have had the opportunity to fish with John Dickelman of J&K Cats on a few occasions and have picked up some great tips from this very popular guide.

September 29, 2016

Late Season Open Water Fishing


If you happen to live just south of the ice belt, when winter comes around, you still have plenty of options to fish. Usually, the determining factor on how well it will go is being prepared for the colder weather.

September 29, 2016

Early Ice Panfish Strategies


A few things to remember when getting on the Ice for the first time. Always make sure you know how much ice you are about to venture out on. Bring safety picks and consider a floating ice suit or a life jacket.


Columbia’s PFG (Performance Fishing Gear) line is more than just great gear and apparel, it’s a way of life.

July 15, 2016

Fall Walleye Fishing


Although it is the middle of July, the fall season will be here sooner than you know. Among the excitement for all the hunting seasons opening a great opportunity to catch fish is beginning.

July 14, 2016

Summer Bass Baits


With the countless number of options to tie on for summer bass fishing it can be tough to know what baits you want to have ready. Check out some of our favorite lures for summer bass fishing.


Items always in our springtime tackle box.


There is one issue every angler is faced with on the water. How to catch the most fish? It’s a very basic question but leads a lot of anglers to taking themselves out of the game. The first thing every angler should do before getting on the water is a little homework.