Featured is Jake Hillesheim’s basic Baby Back Ribs Recipe.

From the holidays to a weekend BBQ, this rib recipe is perfect for any entry-level to expert grilling fanatics. You have the ability to customize the flavor profiles with this recipe by using your favorite or go-to seasonings or rubs and sauce.


2 Baby Back Ribs

1 Favorite Traeger Rub

1 Spray Bottle with Apple Juice

1 Favorite Traeger BBQ Sauce


Once the Traeger is smoking select 225°.

Season ribs with your favorite Traeger rub.

Place on the Traeger bone side down.

Spray with apple juice and flip every 30 minutes for the first three hours.

Wrap in foil after 3 hours. Spray apple juice liberally before wrapping.

After 2 hours remove ribs from foil and cover with your favorite Traeger BBQ sauce.

Remove the ribs after one hour or when the internal temperature reaches 205°.