Basketball Checklist: Be Prepared for the Upcoming Season

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Basketball season is almost here and we want to make sure you are ready to go with our basketball checklist. Whether you are just starting your first year or heading into another high school season, there are some essential items to have in your bag along with some additional suggestions as well.

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Basketball – when shopping for a basketball it is important to keep in mind the two main sizes. A men’s ball is 29.5 and is not always marked on the ball where as a women’s and youth ball is 28.5 and is marked as such around the logo.

Duffle bag/backpack – a basketball bag is important so you can carry everything from your shoes, basketball, clothing and all the other gear you need for your practices and games.

Ball Pump – having a ball pump can be a life saver for when your ball is low on air or maybe was left in a cold area overnight.

What’s Popular?

Some popular items among many basketball players recently are: knee sleeves or HEX pads, a shooting sleeve, 3/4 compression tights and even a mouthguard, which is becoming more common among many ages and leagues.

Sports Medicine

Pre-wrap – Protective wrap barrier between skin and athletic tape and can also be used to hold cold packs in place.

Athletic Tape – Provides firm support and compression and is ideal for most taping applications.

KT Tape – Kinesiology tape targets pain relief and will stay in place through multiple workouts for up to 3 days through daily showers, humidity, cold, even in the pool, if applied correctly.