Brittany Moulton, Outerwear Expert from our Moorhead, MN, location, talks through the tech, the use and the care for your children’s outerwear apparel.

Even though kids grow in and out of clothing quickly, you can extend the life of their winter jackets and pants these tips.

Kids are constantly outgrowing their clothing – sometimes in the same season. In this segment, Brittany walks through how to use “Grow With Me” technology to make your children’s outerwear last longer.

A common question we hear from customers is what winter apparel is best for kids who ride in carseats. In this segment, Brittany walks through how to safely dress your child for the carseat.

Finally, keeping your outerwear clean without causing extra wear-and-tear will help these pieces go the extra mile. Brittany talks through how to properly wash outerwear to keep it in good condition.