Processing your own game meat is not only gratifying, but it is a healthy, organic option for you and your family. This meat can be used as a substitute for most store bought products.  These include steaks, ground meat, roasts, summer sausage, breakfast sausage, jerky, snack sticks and much more!

After the main purchase of your processing tools, the annual costs will be significantly lower than having your game processed at the butcher shop. Prices vary depending on where you hunt, but it can cost $60 or more to get your deer skinned and butchered.  From there they will charge you a fixed amount per pound, depending on the type of product such as sausage or brats. This means that if you have a significant amount of meat you can be looking at a hundreds of dollars per animal.

Take the time to educate yourself on the cuts of meat that can be used for different recipes. The options are endless with game meat, so we decided to provide a few general suggestions on how to use different cuts.

1. Neck

Roast | Stew | Soup | Chili |Burger | Sausage | Jerky

2. Front Quarter

Soup | Stew | Chili | Burger  | Sausage | Jerky | Osso Buco

3. Hindquarter

Steak | Roast | Kabobs | Stew Meat | Stir-fry | Stew | Chili | Burger  | Sausage  | Jerky | Osso Buco

4. Center Mass

Filets | Chops | Roasts | Stew | Chili | Burger | Sausage | Jerky

Enjoy the excitement of the hunt, but most importantly, appreciate the privilege and opportunity to hunt.

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