Josh Bathke | Upland Hunting Expert

An invaluable tool in the field, the Garmin Alpha 100 helps you achieve optimum performance from your sporting dogs. It combines proven Garmin GPS dog tracking with Tri-Tronics electronic dog training technology. This easy-to-use integrated handheld system allows you to track and train your dogs in the field at a range of up to 9 miles away, delivering their exact position as often as every 2.5 seconds.

What is your favorite feature of this GPS?

The Alpha’s ability to pin-point a dog’s location makes this GPS unit the best on the market. I run this collar with my dog. Trump, and it lets us work together with ease. The collar sends a GPS signal to the Alpha receiver showing me exactly where my dog is. Whether he is over rolling hills or locked on a bird in tall switch grass where I can’t see him, the Garmin Alpha always leads me right to him. All you have to do is follow the device’s path to exactly where the dog is.

How do collars come into play?

It’s always important to choose a collar that is the correct size for your dog. One of the reasons I love SCHEELS is the ability for customers to bring their dogs in to the store and try hunting gear on their dogs. A personal tip for those of you who hunt with smaller dogs, Garmin released the TT15 mini collars, making it easier for them to get comfortable with the collar. I truly believe the Garmin Alpha 100 paired with the TT15 collar is one of the best tools for upland hunters to use in the field.

Did I hear correctly, you wear a smart watch for hunting birds?

Ha, Ha, yes! Technology has its perks. I wear a Garmin Fenix 5X smart watch and as crazy as it is, it connects with the Garmin Alpha 100. I can be hands free while hunting. The watch lets me know my dog is on point by giving me a tone; I can just look down at my watch to get the location of my dog instead of having to grab the receiver.