By Trisha Butler | Johnstown, CO SCHEELS Hunting Clothing Expert

Mother of two young girls, and SCHEELS hunting clothing shop manager, Trisha Butler explains how she fell in love with hunting and shares details on her pre-season scouting gear.

“I grew up around hunting and the ranch life in Southern Arizona where we hunted a variety of wildlife. My mom is Native American and she made sure we were raised to have respect for wildlife and to understand the importance of why animals were provided for us.

I really dove further into hunting after I met my husband. We’ve been hunting the same herd of elk for three years now and every season we challenge each other to become better hunters.

I love the challenge of both archery and rifle hunting because it requires crucial knowledge in understanding the animal and choosing the best gear to set yourself above the rest. Each hunt is trial and error whether it was successful or not and you end up learning new things about the animals, even the ones you hunt every year. Pushing yourself to the limit while spending time in the wilderness leads you to find your true calling. When you hear that elk bugling for the first time you can feel it in your chest. Your adrenaline kicks in and brings out a NEW you!”

“If you are new to hunting or want to get actively involved with hunting, don’t be afraid to do it!”

Trisha shares her elk scouting gear with links that take you to where you can purchase the same or related items.