By Al Messner | Fargo, ND SCHEELS Archery Expert

Why don’t bow manufacturers come out with new bows in time to set up before hunting season? Why can’t they make an affordable bow with top notch components found in flagship bows?  It looks like Hoyt was listening! The brand new Hoyt Nitrux is the bow a lot of us have been asking for. They have taken a proven riser design and coupled it with the new Nitrux Cam-1/2, machined aluminum limb pockets, roller cable guard, new X-ACT grip, new string stop, Hoyt’s top of the line Quad Flex limbs, and more. This truly is a top of the line bow, with all of the “good stuff”, priced well below its peers.

The Nitrux features the dimensions many of us are looking for in a hunting or 3D bow. At 31.5” axle to axle, and a not-too-long, not-too-short 6-1/2” brace height, this bow promises to be maneuverable, forgiving, and fast. Shooting the bow feels great, the draw cycle is very comfortable and smoothly transitions to the firm back wall at full draw. The X-ACT grip is narrow in the throat, and nicely angled for a comfortable wrist position. The bow holds very well at full draw, and delivers the arrow with very little feedback to the archer. You can shoot this bow a lot and not get beat up!

The Nitrux offers two different cam sizes, one adjusting in half inch increments between 24” and 27”, and another that adjusts between 27” and 30”. It is available in 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 55-65, and 60-70 lbs. Standard color options are Blackout, SubAlpine, Kuiu Verde, Realtree Edge, or Ridge Reaper Barren. Custom Bone Collector and Cameron Hanes themes are also available.

It’s almost like the Nitrux comes with a free shoulder mount of your next trophy. The difference in price between the Nitrux and what you could spend on a different bow should just about cover that cost!

Visit your nearest SCHEELS Hoyt Dealer, shoot it, and see!