By Turner Suhler | SCHEELS Camping Expert

Camping has been a pastime full of fond memories for most of us. If you’re looking for a new adventure for your family this year, check out car camping. Car camping is a great way to turn your vehicle into the ultimate camping accessory. Researching and finding the right car camping tent can be a fun and exciting thing to do and preparing for the new season with friends and family can be even more exciting. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Tent Sleeping Capacity

When you are choosing the tent make sure you keep the size of your group in mind, how many dogs, amount of gear, etc… There is no standard for the size of a tent per-person dimensions. Generally assume tents will be a tight fit and if you think you will need more room consider going up in size by one person.

Tip: Whenever I am not concerned about weight I always aim for comfort.

Here are a few things to consider while choosing your tent size:

  • Size of your group
  • Size of the people
  • Do you like your space?
  • Will there be pets or small children?
  • Tent Doors  – How many doors would you like? (Two is what I prefer)
  • Tent Pole – This will determine how hard or easy tent set up will be.
  • Peak Height – Do you want to stand in the tent

Cabin Style Tent: Almost vertical walls to increase the livable space. (Coleman Instant Cabin 6)

Dome Style Tent: Dome shaped to increase stability in high wind situations. They are tall in the center and taper down on the sides which decreases livable space. (Mountainsmith Bear Creek)

Vestibule / Gear Storage:
○ This is an awning that is usually part of the rainfly that will help keep you and your gear covered from the elements if you are not looking to spend all of your time in a tent. (The North Face Wawona)

Popular Tents by Size

Final Advice

With car camping, comfort is king. If you spend a little extra time on your tent, it will be much more enjoyable. A good quality tent will have a longer lifespan and provide you with an overall better experience out camping. If you have any other questions about choosing the right tent for camping, stop by your local store and talk with a SCHEELS Camping Expert.

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