The spring turkey season will be here sooner than you know it and 2018 looks to be another promising year. We are here to make sure you have all the gear that you will need to be comfortable and prepared in the field. We developed this guide to help you find a majority of the gear that you will need this season including apparel, blinds, decoys, calls, shotguns and bows. Also included in this guide are related articles that include details on apparel, blinds, calls, decoys, shotguns, ammunition, bows and broadheads. Our goal is to ensure you are equipped and confident when heading into the woods this spring.

The spring woods are an exciting time to finally get off the couch after a long, dark and cold winter. Wildlife is plentiful and the fresh air is unbeatable. Keep in mind that although there are a lot of amazing things happening in the woods, the mystical thunder chicken is a survival master. With a keen eye and a wariness that can drive any hunter crazy, concealment is one of your top priorities going into this spring. From apparel to ground blinds, there is an option available to keep you and your hunting buddies hidden.

When the fog lifts and the roosts have been left empty you have a couple options to draw in that mature Tom within range. Getting him fired up from across the ridge or field can be easily done with the appropriate decoy spread. We provided some options below to provide a presentation to lure him in closer. A variety of decoys are available in different postures and qualities. Availability can range from entry level foam decoys to high end, lifelike decoys that look like real turkeys when you wake up from your field nap! Posture positions are relative to the time of the season and how the birds in  your area are acting. One of our articles by Passion for the Hunt provides great insight on how to call and decoy turkeys throughout the entire spring turkey season. 

When deciding how you will approach targeting a wild turkey it is best to look at them as a big game species. Many relate hunting spring turkeys to chasing bugling bulls in the fall. With that in mind it is understanding your species of turkey and how they communicate throughout the spring. Although their reaction to calling varies throughout the season and depending on how much hunting pressure they receive, knowing the basic calling techniques can make all the difference in the woods. The four main types of calls that are used in the turkey woods are a box, slate, diaphragm and locator call. These calls each shine in their own realm and work better than others in certain situations. 

Deciding what weapon to take along on a turkey hunt is typically based on personal preference. Bowhunters will always begin their pursuit equipped with a stick and string, but a majority of hunters carry a shotgun. There is not one option better than the the other, but when preparing for the season keep in mind that each weapon has ammunition and broadheads suited specifically for turkeys.

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