Seth Rockafellow | Sioux City, IA SCHEELS Baseball Expert

SCHEELS Baseball Expert Seth Rockafellow shows you what you should be carrying in your bag for next season to be ready for anything. We will put the items into two categories, the basics, and accessories. The basics are going to be essentials. The Accessories will be some items that will help your game, but aren’t must haves and others will be to add a little flash in your game.

Game Day Attire

On game day, I usually have a few items that I always wear with the essentials such as: pants, sliding shorts, socks, belt, hat and cleats.  

An undershirt is key to being comfortable.  I typically wear a ¾ sleeved shirt in all variations of weather.  Along with the undershirt, I wear and Evoshield wrist guard.  This protects the wrist when fielding ground balls and errant throws by pitchers when at the plate.  Evoshield also makes leg guards, elbow guards and thumb protectors for whatever type of protection you prefer.  

Batting gloves are another essential item when heading to the plate.  My favorite kind of batting gloves are the Franklin CFX Pro, although Nike, Under Armour, Evoshield, and Mizuno make great quality batting gloves as well.  

Another piece of equipment that I alway have on are my Oakley sunglasses with Prizm Field lenses.  Some may say that sunglasses are not needed, but playing during the day it is vital to have them to win the battle with the sun and prevent from damaging your eyes.   


With the new bat standards, safety is becoming a real concern in baseball and leagues are always looking for ways to make the game safer.  Equipment has come a long way over recent years.  Helmets have become more protective, Evoshield and other companies have come out with new protective gear for in the field and at the plate, and mouth guards have now made their way into the game and are becoming popular.  The use of sunglasses is vital for day games.  Companies such as Oakley and Under Armour now make lenses that are specifically used for baseball, which help make the ball more visible on the ground and in the air.

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