Activity Trackers – What Works for You?

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Fitness Trackers

When first looking to enter into the fitness tracker market, there are four questions you should ask yourself:

  • What watch features will help you reach your fitness goals?
  • Is this going to be a watch you wear all day or only when you are working out?
  • Would you like to play music from the watch?
  • Do you need BlueTooth Technology for smart notifications?

After you have answered the initial questions, it’s time to explore what each watch and watch feature can offer you.


Track the location in which you were exercising and the route that you followed in the supported watch app.


Track steps throughout the day and your exercises. Crush your step goal day after day!


By tracking movement, your watch will be able to show how restless you are at night and help determine how well you slept.


Track the distance of your run.


Track calories burned throughout the day and the calories burned from your workouts.


A Heart-rate monitor is built into the watch to track your pulse during exercise and throughout the day. You should also note that some watches do not have this feature and can be used with a Heart Rate monitor during workouts.


Record how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed during the day. Climbed 11 yesterday? Try to get to 12 today!


Depending on the watch and its multisport features you can track for things like, swimming, golfing, paddling boarding, general fitness and more.


Control your music directly on your watch during your workout. Song isn’t pumping you up during your run? Next!


Get all push notifications from your phone directly to your watch.

If you have any more questions about what tracker is right for you, make sure to stop in store and talk to one of our SCHEELS Fitness Experts.

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