How To: Home Gym for Under $600

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Avoid the gym fees and create your own home gym!

Building a home gym for under $600 can be a little tricky, especially if you have specific needs that are a must-have. But, with some creativity and space, you can make a lot out of a little. SCHEELS Expert, Steve Tangen, shared his list of the top five home gym must-haves that would allow anyone to do a wide array of workouts with just a few items.

Condensed adjustable weight from 5lb – 52lbs in an open hand grip.

“I like this dumbbell set because it offers a great variety of weight for anyone to do any lift imaginable.”
– Steve Tangen | SCHEELS Fitness Expert

Good, thick padding and base with many adjustable lifting positions

“I like this incline bench more for its variability and adjustable positions. It allows me to have more variety in my workouts.”
– Steve Tangen | SCHEELS Fitness Expert

Strong door anchoring and connecting straps allow you to workout almost anywhere.

“I like this product because of its variety to accomplish a whole body workout by just using your body weight. Plus – it’s great for core week!
– Steve Tangen | SCHEELS Fitness Expert

Inflated ball allows you to do a huge variety of either body weight or weighted moves while using your core for stability.

“I like this product because it’s a great tool for core stability, chest and leg exercises. This allows you to progress from simple to difficult movements by just moving the ball’s position on your body.”
– Steve Tangen | SCHEELS Fitness Expert

26” roller allows you enough length to roll one or two legs at once for muscle relaxation

“I like this as a finishing piece to any workout.  Muscle rolling helps break up scar tissue formed from repetitive muscle contraction and gives you a feeling of relaxation after.”
– Steve Tangen | SCHEELS Fitness Expert


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