Our Top 10 Toy Gift Ideas

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Make your little one’s Christmas by gifting one of our top 10 selling toys! From talking monkeys to your favorite toy classics, our Toy Land will offer the top toy choices that are on every child’s list.

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Newly added to our list after the release of the latest Star Wars movie, the Plush Porg from Luke Skywalker’s home has quickly become a favorite. The Plush Porg waves, flaps its arms and makes Porg sound effects. Perfect for the Star Wars fan in your family!

#1 Fingerlings

Available In-Store Only

Fun is always close at hand with Fingerlings. Literally! These popular baby monkeys cling to your fingers and go where you go. They react to sound, motion and touch, make fun little monkey noises and move in ways that will make you squeal with delight. Friendship really is at your fingertips!

Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside glittery eggs! Who’s inside? It’s a surprise! Care for them in-egg, help them hatch and discover everything they can do. You never know exactly who you will hatch!

Laser X is a real life laser gaming experience. Players can blast their opponent’s receiver vest from up to 200 feet away. Full color lighting effects let you keep track of shots and hits while an interactive voice coach gives you tips and feedback during the game. Set up includes everything you need for two laser players!

Ty beanie babies are a classic hit for children of all ages. You’ll be sure to find a beanie baby animal or figure that makes the perfect present – as options are close to endless! Shop the Tucan online or in your SCHEELS store.

Guerilla warfare has never been so sweet. The Camo Marshmallow Shooter delivers loads of fun firing miniature marshmallows at a range of approximately 30 feet. The Camo Marshmallow Shooter holds 25 rounds of fun and brings a whole new meaning to having marshmallows around the campfire.

The Marshmallow Fun Company has taken the fun of their blaster to a new “cool” level with the snowball blaster. Now you can be cool and have fun all season long – blasting super-soft snowballs up to 40 feet. The specially designed snowballs are light and fluffy and feel like a real snowball.

Guess your opponent’s mystery character before they guess yours and you’re ready to win this version of the classic, “Guess Who?”. Ask your opponent yes-or-no questions about the character’s color, wheels and other details, and close the doors to the wrong characters based on the answers.

Get ready for vacation time! Pack up the grill and food and remember the dog’s bone. Bring the coffee maker and drive to the campground in your van while hauling the camper. Check out our other LEGO varieties that will peak your child’s interest!

Share your strength and your style with the Strongheart Bow Blaster! This bow fires up to four darts in a row without reloading. Just pull back the string and let fly! The Strongheart Bow even comes with one message dart that you can use to write a secret message that can only be decoded with the included decoder.

Each Barbie Fashionistas doll has her own look and style – from casually cool to boho bold, all of the fashions are inspired by the latest trends! With added diversity and more variety in styles, fashions, shoes and accessories, kids everywhere will have more ways to spark their imagination and their stories.

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