10 Things Worth Doing This Winter

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Winter can be one of the best times to enjoy with family and friends. So whether you are hanging out on the weekend, enjoying Christmas break or just have the day off, here are 10 things some of our experts love to do during the winter months:

1. Skiing or Snowboarding

Drive out to your local ski resort and hit the slopes. There is no better winter day than a “pow” day. Be ready, when the snow hits, head out and enjoy a memorable day on the slopes. To get you started, HERE are some resorts near our SCHEELS stores.

2. Cross Country Skiing

One of the best ways to exercise in the winter is cross country skiing. Don’t have a pair? Stop by your local SCHEELS and rent a pair from our service shop! Read Expert Jenn Bast’s BLOG POST for a tune up or a quick lesson on cross country skiing

3. Fat Tire Biking

Fat tire biking is a great way to keep biking throughout the winter. A fat tire bike can be used on trails and is also a great way to commute through your city throughout the winter. Learn more about fat tire biking HERE.

4. Snowshoeing

Enjoy the beauty of winter by grabbing a pair of snowshoes and hitting the trails. SHOP snowshoes.

5. Pond Hockey

Lace up the skates, throw your sticks in the middle and enjoy a fun game of pickup hockey at a local rink or park. Learn how to fit yourself, your son or daughter for a new stick HERE.

6. Snowmobile

Fire up the sleds and hit the local trails. Ride to your favorite restaurant or hit your favorite trail for a great day of riding. Find out trails near you HERE.

7. Ice Fishing

Fire up the auger and drill some holes. Enjoy a nice day on the ice fishing. Read up on all things ice fishing from our Experts and Pro Staff HERE.

8. Sledding

Bring out your inner child and go to your local hill for some easy fun on a sled. Layering is key during winter activities. LEARN MORE from SCHEELS Expert Siera Gage.

9. Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

Shelving the “fake” tree and going out to find a real tree with friends or family can make for quite a memory. Fun aside, make sure you have warm layers so you can enjoy this moment to the fullest. Check out our UA Base Layers that go great with winter sports and just long days outside. See all HERE.

10. Snuggle Up By The Fire

Grab your favorite blanket, your Better Sweater and cozy up by the fire, and turn on a holiday classic movie. Shop Patagonia for some of the best sweaters to snuggle up in.

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  • Kirk Boyum


    Do you sell your used rental cross country skis ?

    • Shane Wolf

      Hi Kirk, thank you for reaching out! We don’t sell any used cross country skis; however, we do rent out cross country skis at some of our locations.

      If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to your local SCHEELS or let us know on here. Thank you – Shane

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