Mission Sub-1 Crossbow | SCHEELS Expert Review

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By Dan Doman | Rochester, MN – SCHEELS  Hunting Experts

The race to the top of the crossbow list has been growing fast and furious this year. Many states are now legalizing the use of crossbows for all users during archery season. Due to this, crossbow companies have increased their production and investment into this emerging industry! One of the newest crossbows to hit the market is produced by Mission Crossbows, the Sub-1. I recently had a chance to get my hands on this bow, and I was blown away with what Mission had produced! The new Sub-1 is different than anything Mission has ever produced, and in my opinion, this new crossbow has set the bar for their competition.

The Sub-1 just looks cool! I had the opportunity to check out the Black finished model, but it also is available in Under Armour’s Ridge Reaper Forest pattern. Its footprint is the smallest that Mission has ever produced with measurements of 13.9” wide and 30.25” long. The bow weighs in at 7.5 pounds. It is not the lightest crossbow on the market, but that is due to the lack of plastic on the entire crossbow. The stock is made out of CNC machined aluminum that provides stiffness and quality. It has an AR-style pistol grip that is fully interchangeable with most aftermarket AR grips. This contoured grip really feels like you have complete control of the crossbow. The stock is fully adjustable for a custom fit with six different positions.

The one thing that really excited me, more than anything, about the Sub-1 was the ease of decoking it without having to shoot a bolt. It is equipped with a decoking button that is like nothing on the market! You can safely decock this crossbow without pulling the trigger, shooting it into a target or even having to take it off of safety. With the push of a button, you can easily decock the crossbow in the reverse way you cocked it. This patented system is the first of its kind!

I had the pleasure of shooting this crossbow and was blown away at how accurate it was. The trigger on the Sub-1 is a custom Benchmade Fire Control system that utilizes a fully contained rolling sear that is preset at 3.4 pounds. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is a huge help in making this crossbow as accurate as it is! The crossbow is kicking out speeds up to 350 fps and is one of the quietest crossbows that I have shot in a long time.

The Sub-1 is available in a bow only or Pro Package. The Pro Package is equipped with a Hawke XB-1 1.5-5×32 Etched reticle, variable speed scope that is also illuminated, 3 bolts, quiver, cocking aid and rail lube. This package also includes a free Mission Crossbow case!

My overall impression? If you’re looking for a crossbow that has incredible accuracy, great balance and some of the newest technology on the market – the Sub-1 is for you.

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