Mission Sub-1 Crossbow Pro Package | SCHEELS Expert Review

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By Andy Sroka | Appleton, WI – SCHEELS  Hunting Expert

With crossbows, everybody is curious. There are so many manufacturers and so much technology. We see so many models and wonder what makes this one better than the one I tried last year? How can these crossbows get any better when I can shoot a dime sized group at 50 yards. Everyone knows they are a little louder than conventional compound bows but then does it really matter when they are shooting 325 fps or better? Mission archery has always addressed many of these questions with a fantastic line of crossbows. They are primarily known for the MXB 400 (as you probably guessed it shoots 400 feet per second) or the ultra quiet and accurate Sniper Lite, which is quiet as anyone could expect a crossbow to be. The biggest question one might ask is what more can be done to make these machines any better? In this industry, its becoming more and more difficult to create change. Simply put, how can someone reinvent the wheel? Well, Mission has done it again with the introduction of the new Sub-1 Crossbow. This crossbow is changing what we can expect to see from every crossbow going forward.

At first glance it’s easy to see some changes from the new Sub-1, in comparison to their previous MXB series of crossbows. The redesigned economical stock has a clean tactical look. When you pick it up the stock is extremely comfortable. The best part is that if the stock is not what you want for fit or comfort, it is adjustable for length of pull and also has an adjustable comb that allows for a true custom fit that any shooter will appreciate. Simply put, this crossbow can fit anyone.

The next thing that everyone wants in this industry is speed. While speed is great, the downside is that with speed comes noise. The faster crossbows are, the louder they are. Upon shooting the Sub-1, it’s hard to believe that a crossbow is so quiet at shooting 350 feet per second. It almost seems that you hear the arrow hit the target before you hear the shot, and as any serious archer knows, a quite crossbow is much more deadly than a crossbow that sounds like a cannon.

Finally, lets get to the fun part. What does Sub-1 stand for? Well, accuracy is critical whether it is a bow, gun or crossbow. Essentially, Sub-1 stands for sub minute of angle or less than a 1 inch group at 100 yards. That’s hard to do for a gun, much less a crossbow. With the new Sync-X cam, the crossbow draws really easy and allows both cams to be completely in sync with each other, for greater accuracy. Another great innovation to help make this bow accurate is the patented Flight Deck system. This CNC machined rail eliminates nock travel for exceptional accuracy in every shot. The newest innovation for the Sub-1 that took this crossbow to the next level was the Benchmark Fire Control System. This new system incorporates a 3.4 lb two stage trigger that allows the shooter a crisp-clean pull on every shot.

Shooting the Sub-1 is fun to say the least. Yes it’s fast, accurate and comfortable. Those are important things. The final thing that everyone wants to know is how is it to cock? Is is hard to pull back? Is there a crank? If you want a crank, the Sub-1 is fully compatible with Mission’s RSD (Removable Silent Draw) system, which allows anyone to easily cock this crossbow with very little effort. The RSD is an added option for the Sub-1. All Sub-1 packages will come with a standard cocking rope. One of the unique features of the Sub-1’s cocking mechanism is that is can be decocked without shooting. At full draw, simply push the decocking button and pull back slowly on the cocking rope and slowly release. No more discharge targets or decocking bolts.

The Sub-1 is a phenomenal crossbow at a price point of $1699.99. At 350 feet per second(400 grain bolt) and a draw weight of 200 lbs(80% let off), it’s hard to believe this crossbow is so easy to pull back and still so quiet while offering such accuracy at 100 yards. Still extremely compact at 30.25 inches long, 13.8 inches wide while at rest and 10.7 inches wide at full draw, this crossbow is great for the tree stand hunter as well as any blind hunter. If you want a light crossbow, the Sub-1 fits that bill as well only registering at 7.5 lbs(crossbow only). The Sub-1 package comes complete with 3 Mission bolts, soft case, quiver, rail lube and a Hawke optics 1.5-5×32 pro scope. Available in both Ridge Reaper Forest camouflage and black, the Sub-1 will definitely exceed expectations for crossbow hunters everywhere.

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