Football Cleats With SCHEELS Expert Michael Petersen

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Picking out a new pair of cleats was always one of my favorite things to do to start the season.

Something about finding the perfect combination of style and comfort gave me the last bit of confidence I needed going into a new season. My personal preference was always a mid cut, molded, Nike cleat, but everyone has their own style. Here are a few tips to find the right style that matches your game:

High Tops

Designed for ultimate stability and durability. This cleat will provide extra ankle support for those players fighting in the trenches.  

Ideal Player: OL / DL

Go-To Styles: Nike Force Savage Elite, Under Armour Highlight Lux

Mid Cut

The best of both worlds! This cleat has a lightweight feeling similar to the low top styles but with added ankle support.

Ideal Player: RB / LB / TE / QB

Go-To Styles: Nike Alpha Menace Elite, Under Armour C1N (both of these styles are available in adult and youth)

Low Top

Very lightweight, designed for speed! This cleat is going to give you the untouchable feeling in the open field.

Ideal Player: WR / DB

Go-To Styles: Nike Vapor Untouchable, Under Armour Spotlight, Nike Vapor Varsity (youth)


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