SKLZ Drills with SCHEELS Expert Michael Petersen

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The offseason is the best time to work on your fundamentals so you can be on top of your game when the season starts. Here are a few of my favorite drills, as well as a couple of small tips to help perfect your speed, quickness and explosiveness.


3 Tips to Improve Quickness

  1. Start Slow! Go through it slow the first time to make sure you have your fundamentals correct. Once you get it down, then speed it up!
  2. Train at 100% – Rest in between reps if you need to, but make sure you go as hard as you can during your reps, but still focus on form.
  3. Finish through the line! The short burst sprint to finish it off will help your overall quickness.


3 Tips to Improve Explosiveness

  1. Focus on keeping your feet off of the ground. Once your feet hit the ground, work on exploding back up.
  2. Shuffling Drills: Keep a center of balance and work on keeping your feet under you to stay in an athletic position. Being in an athletic position will allow you to be able to cut in either direction on the field and help prevent slipping.
  3. Train at 100% – Once again, this is very important. In order to get the most out of your training, you have to go “game speed.


3 Tips to Improve Speed

  1. Focus on your form! Staying strong with your form while adding the resistance of the parachute will help your overall speed.
  2. Switch it up! You don’t have to continually do 100 yard sprints. One of my favorites is called a “build up”. Start running at the 50 yard line at 50% and slowly build up speed until you are finishing at 100% speed.
  3. If you are a skill position player (WR, RB, DB, QB) this is another drill where you should carry a ball while you run. Get comfortable holding the ball so it becomes a part of you. 

The important thing to remember while doing these drills is to make them as “game like” as possible. Focus on fundamentals and going 100%! The less you have to think about on game day, the better. Carry a football on certain drills so carrying the ball on game day is second nature. I even made sure I trained in the same footwear that I would wear on game day. Sometimes small things like that make a big difference and elevate your game to the next level.


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