How to Trade in a Bow

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In Collaboration with our Fargo Archery Shop Manager, Allen Messner.

Everyone likes a new Toy!

In the Scheels archery department, we want to help! If you are looking to upgrade, we are happy to take in your current bow on trade for credit towards the purchase of a new one.

Simply bring in your bow, and after an inspection to make sure it reaches our quality standards and is in safe working order, we will take it from there. You can also trade in your entire package, and we will be happy to help you pick out the newest, coolest, sights, rests, quivers, stabilizers, and anything else you might need! Once we’ve helped you pick out what you need, our experts will set up the bow to shoot perfectly!

Perhaps you are thinking of a new shotgun, kayak, or other cool toys we have in the store. You can trade in your bow for credit towards those as well!

We want to help you enjoy your passion! Trading in your bow is simply one way we can do that.

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