Expert’s Top 3 Archery Products

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By Jake Surratt | SCHEELS Hunting Expert

Making the switch to a fall away rest was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my hunting career. The QAD ultra rest HDX is a full containment arrow rest that allows the arrow to pass through with no contact on the shaft or the fletching. The HDX is theQAD Ultra Rest only drop-away rest on the market with a patented feature that allows the rest to only fall when the bow is fired and not in a slow let down. Once you engage the rest to the fully enclosed position the arrow will not fall out or off of the bow. I have used mine while stalking a deer, sitting in 30 mph winds and shooting at extreme angles – it has never failed me. The rest also has 3 different adjustments to make sure that you will achieve a perfect paper tune every time.

Using a range finder will make you a better hunter. Nothing is more aggravating than missing your target because you guessed the yardage wrong. Learning how to gauge distance is not easy; having a range finder will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on making a good shot. I love the Vortex Ranger 1000 for a couple of reasons. The small pocket clip allows me to clip it on the outside of my harness and have it accessible at all times. The HCD vortex ranger 1000(Horizontal component Distance) mode for angle compensated ranging will help you shoot for actual distance instead of LOS (Line of Sight) distance. If the target is 30 yards away but at a 65 degree down angle you might only be shooting at a 20 yard target. The Scan feature is great for setting tree stands and making quick measurements on how far shooting lanes are. You cannot beat the quality of product for the price of the Ranger 1000, let alone the lifetime warranty it carries!

Who doesn’t love seeing a streak of light flying through the air moments before impact on your next trophy? I love shooting Blue and Green Nockturnal Lighted Nocks. The Nockturnal features a string-activated linear switch located deep inside the nock, so it can’t fail. The nock nockturnalswill only turn on when it is shot, just putting the arrow on the string will not turn the nock on. Once the nock is activated, it takes a small tool to press the plunger to the off position. Generally I will use a broadhead or a pocketknife. Nockturnals are offered in multiple colors: Red, Blue, Green and Pink. I have come to find that Red is the best for your late night hunts and evening sits. Green works best for early mornings and into the afternoon. Nockturnal also boast a 20+ hour life on batteries. Shoot it at dusk, and have no worries of finding that arrow the next morning.

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