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Fishing Apparel for on and off the Water

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Due to advancements in manufacturing and apparel technology, technical clothing has become a very hot topic in the outdoor industry. When fishing, moisture wicking and UV protection provide the most comfortable experience on and off the water. From head to toe, there are a variety of products designed and built for a specific season, temperature, weather or external variable. Read more and stop into your local SCHEELS to explore our selection of technical fishing apparel from top industry brands.

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Although your dad or grandpa’s favorite button up shirt is still available, new materials and styles have allowed major brands to release shirts that wick moisture from your skin and rapidly dry. This allows you to stay warm or cool depending on the day and without significantly changing your wardrobe. Along with moisture control, stain and odor resistant technology was adapted. You no longer have to worry about staining your shirt with fish eggs, blood, mud or slime (it will easily wipe or rinse off). Many will argue that an old cutoff or sweatshirt is the best route, but for those who are truly dedicated to stay on the water no matter the condition, this new technical gear is right for you.

Lightweight and breathable is the name of the game. Pants that allow you to remain cool and protected from the sun will keep you on the water longer and in greater comfort. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating systems measure the UV protection provided by different fabrics. These fabrics are built into the shirts, shorts and pants of modern fishing apparel. This is important because it allows you to wear pants, that feel like shorts, on a hot day, while keeping you cool and protected from the sun.

One of the biggest mistakes anglers can make is not having proper water proof clothing and rain gear. Remember, you are building your closet around a sport based on and in the water. Rain gear is an essential piece of gear for every angler, especially in the spring. Rain, wind and choppy waters can easily end a great day of fishing if you are not properly prepared for various weather conditions. If you spend a lot of time fishing tournaments or on the water you want to consider technical gear built with Gore-Tex or other water repelling qualities.


Some new trends in spring and summer fishing apparel are the extra attention on hats, gloves and gaiters. Even though these three accessories may seem basic, they provide functionality and style simultaneously. Hat designs are always changing and becoming styled towards the species you pursue. Most gloves serve two purposes. The first purpose is to protect your hands from the sun’s harmful rays and additionally provide padding in high pressure points on your hands. Whether they are insulated or ultra thin, it is in your best interest to keep these in your cubbyhole for a hot or action packed day. Gaiters have become a very popular accessory that anglers and outdoor enthusiasts use to express their personalities and passions. Many brands make protective gaiters with very unique designs with the purpose of protecting your face and neck from harmful UV rays and windburn.

We all own at least one pair of sunglasses and it is very important to keep a pair available while fishing. A great suggestion would be to keep glasses in your tackle box and in your boat. Whether it is in the dead of summer or early spring, protect your eyes is critical during long periods of time on the water. The combination of direct exposure and reflection off the water and boat can cause serious damage. With all of the protection available, this is one of the most important pieces you can easily customize with top brands, styles and lenses.


The “boat shoe” has grown beyond Sperry and transformed into a growing trend for casual and active wear. This has become a major focus for brand loyal anglers, as almost every brand provides a system that will cover you from head to toe with a specific purpose and season in mind. While fishing in a variety of conditions, it has become common for anglers to need great traction, UV protection and fast drying footwear. This has provided an opportunity for brands to complete their full apparel offerings with stylish, comfortable and effective footwear.

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