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  •  Mathews Halon 32 Review

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By Jake Surratt | SCHEELS Archery Expert

With the closing of the 2016 hunting season, we begin dialing in on the 2017 bows. Mathews came out with another year of great products, both look great and perform at the top of their class. I shot the 2017 Halon 32, and let me tell you, I know what I will be shooting this coming season! The main reason I will be shooting the Halon 32 is the increased axle-to-axle length and string angle. I prefer a longer bow, and the Halon 32 is a bit longer than its predecessor. A longer bow makes for a more stable, forgiving shot at the range and in the field. The other reason why I like a longer bow is the string angle. Proper shooting form may seem strange to some, but it is important to understand how the string lands on your face when you anchor. A consistent anchor point is essential when honing in on your form and becoming a more accurate archer.

The smooth draw cycle, paired with the Crosscentric Cam, allows for a stealthy draw and consistent accuracy. A perfect draw cycle is achieved when each cam rolls over at the exact same time. With the Crosscentric Cam and the Advanced Vectoring System (AVS), the bow draws the same from initial pull – through the rollover. The AVS system eliminates cam lean and timing, which allows for more energy and efficiency. This is extremely important to me, especially when sitting in a tree stand in late November. I want a bow that will pull as easily when it is 20 degrees outside as it would when it is 70 degrees. This will allow me to be smooth and effective, no matter the hunting condition.

The Halon 32 is going to be offered in three different brace heights; 5, 6 and 7 inches. The most popular and available bow will be the 6 inch model, due to its comfortable draw cycle, speed and shot forgiveness. The 5 inch model will be available to shooters looking for a high performance based bow that is slightly faster. The 7 inch model will provide more forgiveness to the shooter, as well as a more comfortable draw cycle. Some speed is sacrificed, but personal preference will always be a deciding factor between these three models. Each bow has a respective IBO of 350,343,335 feet-per-second. Now most of us realize that the IBO is typically an unachievable number that is reached by the manufacturer, so I provided examples of the speed ratings I achieved or witnessed.

All bows shot with a 400 grain arrow at 70lbs and 28.5″ draw

Mathews is offering the 2017 lineup in seven colors. Returning from last year are black, stone tactical and Lost Camo XD. New this year will be Under Armour Barren, Sitka Optifade Open Country, Elevated II and Sub Alpine. This means your bow will match select leading camouflage patterns on the market. My personal choice this year will be the Halon 32 with a black riser and Optifade Elevated II limbs. Be sure to get into your local Mathews dealer and give the new Halon 32 a try!