Top Snowmobiling Trails

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Check out the best snowmobile trails, lodging, and regulations for each state.

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Trail Riding Techniques

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Riding Uphill

  • Kneeling position.
  • Lean uphill.
  • Increase the throttle to maintain speed. The deeper the snow, the more power you need.
  • Don’t stop or let up until you get to the top. If you lose momentum going upwards, it may be hard to start climbing again once you’ve stopped.

Riding Downhill

  • Sitting position.
  • Sit far back on the seat.
  • Be prepared to stop.
  • Pump the brake firmly to slow your speed and help you to maintain control.


  • Lean into the turns to gain control.
  • Place your body weight forward to keep the inside ski on the snow.

Crossing A Road

  • Find a crossing that has good visibility in both directions.
  • Come to a complete stop before crossing.
  • Look both ways and slowly drive forward.
  • Drive straight across, finding the shortest distance to travel.
  • Appoint a crossing guard. The crossing guard will cross first, then unmount his snowmobile to direct the rest of the group across, while watching for traffic in both directions.




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