True Nutrition: Eating For Wellness

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  • True Nutrition: Eating For Wellness

We ask so much of our bodies day in and day out and expect them to perform, yet we consistently miss out on properly fueling them. For so many people, this time of year can be especially frustrating. We are well past the resolution stage of the new year and probably settling back into our old, unhealthy habits. Why is it that the majority of us can’t stick with those “diets” we commit to every year or those gym memberships that we continue to pay for but rarely use?

The answers are complicated but the solution can actually be quite simple. We have to stop looking for a magic pill or diet or exercise fad to fix our health woes. We need to change our mindset from maybe wanting to look better in a swimsuit or with our shirt off to wanting to simply feel better. This really can be achieved with good, clean eating. A common myth is that as long as you are working out really hard and going to the gym everyday, you may then eat whatever you want. Oh how we all wish this were true!  In reality, nutrition makes up the majority of our health or lack thereof. Whether you are trying to lose weight, run a marathon, or get stronger, nutrition is the answer. So, what should you be eating? This is where you can keep it simple with huge results.

1. Eat whole/real food. This means limiting or eliminating overly processed foods. A great rule of thumb is to choose food that contains 5 or fewer ingredients. Lean proteins like chicken, beef, poultry and fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. How many ingredients does an apple have? Broccoli? Spinach? Just one! Keep it Simple.

2. Eliminate the things that are poisoning your body- soda, sugar, processed foods with all kinds of chemicals and especially, fast food.

3. One day at a time. One of the biggest mistakes that is commonly made is that people get too extreme right away and set themselves up for failure. Start out small by cutting back on sugar and soda first. Then you can eventually get rid of it altogether. Once you establish better habits, then you move on to the next thing.

4. Set realistic goals. Chances are, it took a long time to get into the bad habits. They aren’t just going to go away overnight. One pound at a time, one meal at a time, one day at a time. Allow for an indulgence now and then and don’t beat yourself up for it. Get back on track and move forward.

5. Buddy up! Find a friend or family member to take this journey with you. The support when things get difficult will really guide you through.

Remember, this should be about a lifestyle change with the ultimate goal of overall health and wellness. Take care of your body, give it the proper fuel and it will take care of you for decades to come.