Black Friday Survival Guide

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Hot coffee, cold weather and a magnitude of waiting in lines for doors to open. It’s that time of year again, so bundle up and get ready to win at Black Friday shopping. This day has always fallen on the day after Thanksgiving, which is November 27th this year. Learn how to score the best deals and compete with veteran shoppers. This is the most anticipated shopping day of the year so we want to make sure you are ready.


Top 10 rules

  1. Never enter unprepared.
    1. Analyze when and where the best deals will be inside each section of the store.
  2. Check our SCHEELS ad the night before to scope out the exclusive deals.
    1. If you prefer to shop digitally, has offers available starting at midnight on 11/26.
  3. Create a schedule.
    1. Prioritize which products are most important to you and visit those brand shops first before browsing our aisles.
  4. Grab a basket/cart to hold all of your deals to avoid losing a hard-earned prize.
  5. Debate hot buys.
    1. Hot buys are high in cost cutting but also high in demand – there might not be enough to go around so if you aren’t first in line, better move on. However remember, plush pups are worth getting in line early for.
  6. Power up.
    1. Grab a coffee or sweet treat at Ginna’s Cafe to re-energize.
  7. Map out a path and stick to it.
    1. Seek out what aisles the exclusive deals will be located in and don’t stray. If you need suggestions for the ‘hard to buy shopper’; ask our experts for advice. We are here to help!
  8. Set a spending budget.
    1. Use your SCHEELS Visa for triple points on your purchases.
  9. Remember to keep the SCHEELS guarantee in the front of your mind while shopping.
    1. “Everything you buy at SCHEELS, on sale or otherwise, is guaranteed satisfactory or your money back. You don’t take chances at SCHEELS…Ever!
  10. If the “shopping high” isn’t for you, just remember – our Cyber Monday deals are right around the corner.
    1. Stay home and relax – enjoy warmth and family.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Black Friday Guide


Getting ready for Black Friday is crucial to really execute this day well. We have the plan set, now we need to ready up our essentials. The top four essentials are water, a snack, your wallet, & gas in the car. There is nothing worse than making a plan, waking up early, going out in the cold and realizing your tank is on E.

Think about how long you will be standing outside in line. Are you wearing the appropriate clothing? Pile on the layers and protect your feet.

Be sure to charge your phone the night before because you can be checking out other Black Friday deals while you are waiting in line. This is a good way to scope out what & where products will be live.

Avoid making impulse purchases. This can impact your budget and most of the time unplanned purchases are filler items. This means you are spending more than you should on an item that isn’t necessarily in demand.

Black Friday can be intimidating even for the most veteran of shoppers, just remember to be polite and patient. With a strategy in mind and coffee in hand, the deals you need with the prices you want will be in reach.