The Fat Bike Revolution

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The weather is cooling down and snow is on the eminent horizon. That means for many of us it’s almost time to hang up the bike for five months of dormancy. Or, is it? Maybe for some the season is just beginning. Welcome to the fat bike revolution.


Fat bikes came onto the scene in the mid 2000’s and were met with some criticism. A tire measuring four inches had no right to be on the trail, let alone the streets. These bikes were heavy and run as a single speed which meant they had no gears to make the ride easier.

As bike technology began to change for all bikes it also improved upon the initial fat bike design. Light weight frames, tubeless tires and better gearing made these bikes easy and fun to ride. Now there isn’t a city or trail that you won’t find a fat bike. They are most known for their versatility and take-on-anything attitude.


Don’t let fat biking become a stereotype, it’s not just for snow, these bikes can hold their own on any singletrack MTB trail. Fat bikes were made to hug corners and give you the control you need.


Don’t let the big tires scare you! Pretty much all fat bikes are geared to make riding a breeze on any surface. They are easy on the body and can handle any terrain on that early morning commute. You will notice a bit of hum and drag from the wheels but that is to be expected with a tire over four inches. If you bike commute all year around a fat bike is a must have. It is the all-in-one tool that can keep you riding from summer through winter.


It is no secret that these bikes are known for their use on snow and for good reason. They are as good on snow as any surface. Brining your tire pressure down to sub 10psi will allow you to grip the snow covered track with a little more aggression. As the tires squish down from the low pressure they will have more surface contact with the track and “float” a little better on the surface. Fat bikes might be more fun on snow than they are on dirt.

We’d Ride These

All you need

Trek: Farley

Farley changes the game for fat bikes. With lightweight carbon or alloy frame options and the ability to accommodate five inch tires and a variety of wheel sizes, Farley is the quickest and most versatile fat bike ever.

Mr. Versatility

Cogburn: CB4

The CB4 is well known for its ability to tackle those backcountry hunts, but don’t let that fool you–this bike is made to handle just about anything. This bike is equipped with full range gearing, all-condition disc brakes that let you stop on a dime even in winter and a wide handlebar for control even while loaded. The frame has attachment points for a rear rack and water or fuel bottle cages. The fork has additional attachment points to expand carrying capacity. This bike has a wide variety of accessories for all of your hunting and outdoor gear. The Cogburn CB4 is proudly designed and assembled in the USA.

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