A Successful Storm

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Wildlife Pursuit with Ashley and Jesse Kurtenbach

A storm that blew in on the third day of the season kept everyone huddled near the warmth of the wood stove for the better part of the day. The storm finally broke at 4:30 pm, allowing just enough time to hike up the trail to the adjacent meadow. As Jesse approached, a clear bugle let him know that a herd of elk had left the trees and were moving to feed out in the open.

To get the wind in his favor he adjusted his route to skirt to the opposite side of the meadow. Glassing from the tree line led to spotting a cow feeding in his direction.  A quick scan of the area revealed a legal 5×5 bull. Considering the effort and boot miles put on during the first three days of the season, this is a trophy.

Jesse hurried to get set up with his Sako .300WSM ready to go. He patiently waited for the bull to step into the right position. One shot to the high front shoulder anchored the young bull in his place. The resounding crack from the rifle set the remainder of the herd into commotion, only to regroup a hundred yards away and begin feeding again. With a bull down the excitement wasn’t finished! Jesse then watched the two remaining bulls from the herd fight to reestablish the pecking order.

He watched the herd move off into the fading light. Jesse once again became thankful for the opportunity to go on this adventure with his father and family friend. Regardless of the outcome for this trip, elk meat will be split 3 ways among them. This is an agreement that was started 6 years ago when they first started these hunting adventures. It was the only way they saw fit, as everyone puts in equal time, money and effort. The meat these bulls provide for us is an added bonus, as the real success are the memories made deep in the Rocky Mountains.