Bring The Fit Inside

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Not all of us enjoy being out in the cold weather, so with that being said, we need some fitness options that can keep us motivated while being indoors. The first thing I would consider is looking at the classes offered at your local gym. The classes offered are typically welcoming to all fitness levels. Spin class and hot yoga have always been a strong go-to for me during the winter months, but there are tons of classes out there to meet the interests of all.

 Fitness Expert: Jillian Hills

Spin Class Essentials

Spin class is a great option for some quick and mean cardio. It’s a great challenge and it’s fun to see how quickly you get, both stronger and increase your endurance. Spin class can be quite the challenge, but with a great instructor, that 60 minutes of torture can end up feeling like 15 minutes and, on top of that, you feel like a million bucks afterwards.

Yoga Must Have’s

Yoga, however, is underestimated. Yoga is relaxing and can be the trick to combat those winter blues. It aids those stiff and sore muscles and joints caused by the colder temperatures. Then, add sauna-like temperatures and it feels as though it is summer all over again while still being a challenge. Hot yoga allows you to get a great cleansing sweat and, I promise; you will sleep like a baby that night.

Just because I enjoy spin class and hot yoga does not mean that everyone will enjoy it as much as I do. It is up to you to figure out your niche in this little fitness world. Whether it be either of the two activities I just mentioned, a kickboxing class, a dance class, gymnastics, a boot camp style class, or whatever, at the end of the day you are still moving and doing more than those that chose to not go to the gym that day. But, I would like to encourage you to try a class that forces you to step outside your comfort zone because, who knows, you may get hooked on a new healthy activity that you would have never dreamed of and I bet you would end up meeting a lot of new people as well.