Colorado High Country Rifle Elk Hunt

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  • Colorado High Country Rifle Elk Hunt

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As I began packing for this trip, I couldn’t help but think about the 3 previous trips our elk hunting group made to this remote wilderness area. Reflecting on these trips helps me prepare for this upcoming hunt by tweaking the gear that gets to make the trip to the top of the mountain. The weather has been anywhere from -10deg F to 70deg F with no snow to a couple feet of snow overnight. These temperature swings make having a layered clothing system a survival necessity.  Having your feet stay comfortable throughout the miles put on during the short 5-day season will make each day remarkably easier. Doubling up on quality wool socks of different weights like Farm to Feet will not only keep your feet warm but will help prevent hot spots from occurring. One major change I made to the gear list this year is the addition of a SteriPen. I have had multiple freezing issues with my water filters in the past on this hunt and using the SteriPen to treat water will save weight and prevent freezing problems.

I highly recommend you review your gear list when you get home from a hunt. Write down the things you didn’t use and and take note of the gear you think you need before your next adventure. Reviewing your list is also a good time to form another list for the holidays which will make shopping for you at Scheels a breeze. Your family will thank me for this tip!!


Gear List

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Colorado Specific Regulations

  • Hunting License (Must carry hunter safety card on person if born after 1949)
  • 500 Square inches of solid blaze orange: Vest and Hat