Cogburn CB4 Fat Tire Bike

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  • Fast, Effective and Comfortable

The Cogburn CB4 Bicycle is the ultimate choice for the outdoorsman or woman with the desire to get deep into the backcountry. This bike has a multitude of options that will allow you to travel farther and see more terrain in comfort and speed. 

This bike is equipped with full range gears, all-condition disc brakes and a wide handlebar for better control with a heavy load. This is important when adding bags and extra gear. The frame has attachment points for a rear rack and multiple pouches throughout. There’s full length housing, which protects the shifter and brake cables and ensures they perform well, even in tough conditions.

The top tube of the frame is lowered. This maximizes stand over clearance, making it easier to mount with your gear and pack on. The bike is engineered to ensure an efficient, responsive ride and stable handling, even at low speed. Superior design and workmanship result in a high quality bike that is light, strong and responsive so you can go anywhere your adventure takes you. The rear tubes maximize heel clearance while wearing boots and carrying cargo. Carrying the bulk of your gear on the bike results in greater agility and less fatigue in your back and feet for longer hours in the field.

Optional Accessories

Frame Bag

These bags are designed to fit in the main triangle of the frame. They attach with Velcro straps at all three points on the tubes. These bags are made of heavy cordura fabric that is tear and water resistant.

The zippers are water resistant and curved to allow simple and complete access to the entire compartment. Frame bags add extra gear capacity with a light weight design. These add stability to the bike while providing center cargo weight low in the frame.

Gear Carrier

The Cogburn branded gear carrier attaches to a rear rack of any bike. This carrier safely holds a rifle, bow or fishing rod. It is made of light, strong aircraft grade aluminum with a padded base. It safely holds gear vertically, which avoids snagging while cornering on narrow trails and going through brush. Included are three Quick Fist® clamps to easily and securely attach your equipment.


Distribute more weight and gear with a rear rack. This Bontrager BackRack Disc Bicycle Rack will turn your bike into a pack mule with its sturdy, tubular aluminum rack. The rack is designed to mount to the eyelets already built into the frame of a bike and is easily set up with disc brake equipped bikes.

Cargo Trailer 

Certain adventures call for more gear than others. Maximize your comfort with the Cycle Force Trail-Monster Cargo Trailer. The trailer features 20 x 3 inch wheels and a large cargo bed. This trailer was built with Fat Tire bikes and hunting excursions in mind. It has an extra large base of 41 x 17 x 10 and gates that open to fit game, lumber or anything else you would need to haul behind your bike.

Versatility and Reliability

Any surface. Any time. The design and tread of a fat tire bike allows the rider to tackle nearly any surface including pavement, dirt and snow. The features of the Cogburn are designed with an outdoorsman or woman in mind. The lower tube design giving more clearance to mount the bike and the accessory options to carry and mount gear make this the perfect bike to take you into the backcountry. Whether you are venturing off road or climbing to the top of a ridge, this bike is made to carry you and your gear there safely.

The perfect candidate for this bike is the adventurous individual looking for a faster way to get deeper into the backcountry. This bike will assist high country mule deer hunters who have a clear trail or flat to climb up the mountain. The whitetail enthusiast who has trails carved through the woods, whether they are wet or dry. The elk hunter who is chasing bugling bulls in the breaks. Cogburn also designed this bike for the fisherman who needs to get back into their secret honey hole. Versatility makes this bike the right fit for anyone wanting to add another piece of equipment to their arsenal for the current season.

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