Summer Bass Baits

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  • Summer Bass Baits

With the countless number of options to tie on for summer bass fishing it can be tough to know what baits you want to have ready. Check out some of our favorite lures for summer bass fishing.

Rig a Berkley Gulp! Turtle Back Worm on a 4/0 EWG hook with a ¼ Oz worm weight on a medium action bait-casting rod with 10lb fluorocarbon. This is one of the most effective summer tactics to catch summer bass. Cast it out into cover and hop and drag it back to the boat.

For finicky and dock bass pitch this light bait weightless with a 4/0 EWG hook. The slow flutter down to the bottom will temp even the most stubborn bass. Combo this bait with a medium or medium-light action action spinning rod with 10lb fluorocarbon to help the bait sink faster to the bottom.

One of the best ways to catch deep-water bass when nothing seems to be working. Grab one of your favorite worms, a 2/0 octopus hook, and a drop shot weight. Tie the hook above the weight around the depth the fish are suspended at on the bottom. Fish this bait on a medium-light action spinning rod with 12lb braid.

One of the hottest top water baits of 2016. Grab a medium-heavy action bait-casting rod and tie this on with 20lb braid for open water and up to 65lb braid for heavy cover. You can either pitch this bait into open water or toss it into thick lily pads. (Available in store)

One of the classic top water lures for summer bass fishing in heavy cover. Use a skirted frog and pick apart lily pads for lurking bass. Cast this lure on a medium-heavy action bait-casting rod and tie it on with 40-65lb braid.

This is a great way to cover unknown water, and it is one of the easier presentations to pitch. For covering water, a swim jig with a grub or craw trailer with lots of movement (i.e. claws, paddle tail) can lure fish into biting. A more finesse style can be used in heavy rock and timber cover with the football jig. Tie on a football jig with a craw trailer and drag it along the bottom back to the boat. Tie on these baits on a medium action bait-caster with 12-20lb fluorocarbon depending on how much cover and the type of cover. You could also opt for 20-40lb braid if you are fishing in heavy cover.

A spinnerbait is one of the best ways to cover large amounts of water in search of fish. Grab any choice of colorado blades, willow blades, indiana blades, or oklahoma blades. These blades shine bright spinners through the water to tempt big bass into striking. The lure can be paired with a medium action bait-casting or spinning rod with 20lb mono.

Tossing floating jerks bait like Rapala’s new Shadow Rap Shad can be deadly around docks.  Mimicking a dying baitfish, these jerkbaits will lure any dock dwelling bass into striking during hot summer months. A medium-light action spinning rod with 12lb mono is a great set up for these baits.

The lipless crankbait is great for searching for fish in deeper water. This can be the ticket in the summer to find schooling fish quickly. Make sure on the cast you let the crankbait sink to your desired depth and start reeling.Tie it onto a medium action bait-casting rod with 10-15lb. fluorocarbon.

A standard crankbait serves a little different purpose than the lipless crankbait. A crankbait comes with a lip that is designed to get your bait down to your desired depth and stay there on retrieve. Find the fish and choose a crankbait that suits your depth. Pair it with a medium action bait-caster on 10-20lb fluorocarbon depending on depth and cover.

An extra note:

When choosing line keep these three things in mind.

  1. Braid is for heavy cover and will help you land fish in thick vegetation with no stretch.
  1. Fluorocarbon will sink and get your bait to the bottom faster with little stretch.
  1. Mono floats and has a little stretch for more forgiving hook sets.