Tips For The Upcoming Volleyball Season

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  • Tips For The Upcoming Volleyball Season

Volleyball season is here and practice is ramping up. Are you looking for ways to improve your serve or gather simple tips for the game as a whole?

We sat down with our Volleyball Expert Jessica Becker to share her knowledge on the subject.

Q: Do you have any techniques for serving? 

Becker: I have a float serve which means the ball moves or floats in the air after I hit it. My right hand is my dominant hand. I hold the volleyball in my left hand. I step with my left foot and toss the ball in line with my right shoulder. The toss is everything! I focus in on the ball and keep my right shoulder high. I drive my hand in the ball, kind of like a “punching” motion and stop my hand as soon as I contact the ball. This gives the serve an energy to float across the net, making it harder for the opponent to pass!


Q: What are the 5 tips you would give to a new player?

Becker: 1. Talk to your teammates! The louder you are, the better. Communication is key in the game of volleyball!

2. Stay low and in ready position. Stay on the balls of your feet.

3. Focus on the basics, such as: a good serving toss, correct footwork on a hitting (spiking) approach, etc.

4. If you make a mistake, shake it off. Volleyball is a game that’s full of mistakes. Don’t let one mistake get to you, keep a positive attitude.

5. Have fun! Cheer on your teammates and celebrate every point.


Q: What is your favorite thing about the game and your favorite drill to run?

Becker: I love being surrounded by the people who share the same passion as I do for the game of volleyball. Digging up a perfect pass (bump) from a ball that is hit at me at 60mph and setting it up to a teammate that gets a kill off of it is the best feeling in the world. Being able to celebrate off a big point with my teammates brings me so much joy and excitement.

“Baseball” is my favorite drill. You split up your team equally, it doesn’t matter how many is on the team, and everyone is on the court. You play like a real game of volleyball; serve, pass, set, and hit. Whoever makes the last mistake (ex. A player hits the ball into the net), the player sits out. If your team gets the point, then one player that is sitting out is allowed to go back into the game. The team that drops all of its players first, loses.


Q: What does your pre-game playlist look like? 

Becker: “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers

“Gold” by Kiiara

“All I Do” by NF

“Start Over” by Flame

“Monster (REMIX)” by Meg & Dia

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