Garmin Forerunner 920XT Review

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Our Thoughts On The Garmin Forerunner 920XT

-SCHEELS Running Expert: James Storm

The 920XT comes in two colors, each available with or without a chest strap heart rate monitor that connects wirelessly to the watch. The watch can then be linked to your smartphone through Garmin’s app, Connect. When the two are linked together you have the ability to send a link to anyone you’d like so that they can view your activities through a realtime data feed that will give them just about everything they could ever want, including heart rate, cadence and location on the map. 

The 920XT also has some basic smartwatch functionality where you can receive notifications from your smartphone, as well as read text messages and see who is calling you without the need to pull your phone out. Garmin also has the Connect store where you can download different faces and other apps to make the watch more functional or at least more fun!

In today’s world, there is a huge push for activity tracking, watching your steps, doing all you can to be more active and taking control of your life through exercise and healthier living. In this area the 920XT excels.

The 920XT has a fantastic feature if you get the heart rate strap model, it will give you the most important training data for running and biking, your VO2 max! For those of you that are serious about performing at your peak and getting the most out of yourself, knowing this data will allow you to train and race so that you do exactly that!. As a cool side note, once it has your VO2 max, it will get race predictions that are uncannily accurate.

Garmin made the 920XT as a multi-sport watch, designed with the triathlete in mind, which immediately separates it from all activity tracking watches that are not waterproof. When you go into the GPS mode of the watch, you have several different activities to choose from, including indoor and outdoor running or cycling, open water or pool swimming or triathlons. If these don’t suit your needs, then connect the watch to your computer and, via Garmin Connect, you are able to add several activities of your own design.

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