Running: Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

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  • Running: Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

Stress fractures are common in distance runners and especially individuals that are sedentary and start distance running. This is largely due to your bones not being strong enough to take on the newly built up muscles and the muscles win by bending your bones until they crack. Focus on the tips below to avoid rookie running mistakes.

-SCHEELS Running Expert: James Storm


Run on your toes or the front of your foot. Banging your heel into the pavement is going to end up making your knees and hips hurt like nothing before. This is to be the single biggest mistake that people new to running make. When you land on your heel you have eliminated all shock absorption in your lower body and the shock of each step goes right through you. This will make you have all sorts of pain in your knees and hips. 


The significance of how we breathe when we run is also an underrated aspect of running. Rhythmic breathing is to settle one’s own rhythm and breathing to keep control of air flowing in and out. Rhythmic breathing increases lung volume which improves control and awareness. This helps decrease side pains and prevent injuries. There is a professional runner, named Budd Coates, who is one of the most prolific marathon runners in history. He spent more than 20 years perfecting a technique on how we breath when we are running and it works.

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