Q&A with Boston Marathon Runners

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    Q&A with Boston Marathon Runners

Two of our very own SCHEELS associates are headed to the 2016 Boston Marathon. We sat down with Tobie, Assistant Store Leader at the SCHEELS location in Sandy, UT, and James, Media Buyer in our Corporate Marketing Office, to ask them about their upcoming race.

Q: When did you decide to make Boston Marathon a goal?

Tobie: This will be my second time running the Boston Marathon; my main goal 18 months ago when I qualified was to break 3 hrs. for the marathon distance.  After I did that at the St. George Utah race I decided I wanted to try Boston one more time before I take a break from running the marathon distance.

James: I ran the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon in 3:14 and after that I realized Boston was a realistic goal! 

Q: How many races did you run before qualifying? Which one was it and what was your time?
Tobie: This will be my sixth marathon.  I qualified at the St. George Marathon in 2014 my time was 2:56:29
James: Too many to count! In all seriousness though, it took me about 5 marathons.  I did qualify for Boston at the 2013 Grandma’s Marathon (Duluth, MN) but didn’t get into the 2014 race.  So I had to requalify at the 2015 Fargo Marathon.
Q: What are your marathon shoes of choice?
Tobie: Asics Gel DS Trainer 21
James: I have tried almost every brand out there, but recently in the last couple years really liked what UA came out with in the Speedform series.  I currently train in the UA Speedform Gemini 2 and will race in the new Speedform Slingshot
Q: How about tech, what kind of trackers or wearables do you use?
Tobie: I am currently using the Suunto Traverse GPS watch, not specifically designed for road running, but I spend most of the summer and fall trail running in the beautiful Wasatch mountains.
James: Garmin would be my brand of choice for trackers/wearables.  Last year I started getting into triathlons, so I use the Garmin 920XT.
Q: Any other apparel you recommend for marathoners or racers in general?
Tobie: Lightweight breathable fabrics work best depending on the weather.  I’ll be wearing a North Face Better than Naked Singlet with Salomon S-Lab Exo shorts and my lucky hat!
James: There are a lot of options out there for anybody, so there isn’t one clothing item that works for all.  Make sure it is comfortable and fits properly.  Keep it light and always remember that you will feel warmer as soon as you start running (even on colder days).
Q: Which part of the race is most challenging for you (mile point)?
Tobie: The last 6.2 miles is generally the toughest, but at Boston it can hit you a lot sooner if your are not conservative in the first 16 miles.
James: In any marathon, they say the “wall” is 20 miles.  But my belief is  that once someone is past 16 or 18 miles the focus should be on the finish line!  I have not run Boston before, so I know that course will be a different animal than I have ever done before.
Q: What do you look forward to most about running the Boston Marathon?
Tobie: The crowd…it’s wild the entire 26.2 miles
James: The history of it!  That will never change and I can’t wait to be a part of those 26.2 miles of history.
Q: What is your goal? 
Tobie: My goal is to run 2:49 or faster and/or place in the top 1000
James: My goal in Boston is not as fast as my qualifying time, but anywhere between 3 hours and 3:05 I would be happy with!
Q: Are there any training techniques you have found more helpful?
Tobie: In my 15 years of running the type of training that I have found that works best for me is shorter distances ran at much faster pace, a lot of tempo runs and speed work.  I have been able to stay injury free this way.  Also I trail run a lot which build tons of leg strength and is also easy on the joints.
James: I really saw a change in my running when I started cross training and doing more “non-running” workouts (core, strength, etc.).  So I mix at least a day or 2 a week of those kind of workouts into my routine.
Q: Let’s talk food. What is your main diet right now?
Tobie: A nice balanced diet with a bit more protein to aid in “recovery” during my taper leading up to the race.  Also staying hydrated every day leading up to the race is very vital.  I’ll throw a cookie or slice of cheese cake in every once in a while to sweeten things up.
James: I try to stay away from refined sugar which is easier said than done.  Other than that I stay as balanced as possible between carbs and protein.  I am a pretty simple eater, but will definitely indulge from time to time; especially AFTER any race. 
Q: Anything else you’d like to share?
James: The hardest thing for me to remember is running should be FUN!  If it isn’t, then I wouldn’t have set the goals for myself I have in the 10 years I have been running.  And with goals, always set them, no matter how small or big a goal it is always easier to achieve when you put steps in place and more rewarding when you hit that goal!

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