The Gear You Need To Take Up Running

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  • The Gear You Need To Take Up Running

Throw on a pair of shoes, shorts and a t-shirt and head out for a run. Although this seems like an easy task, choosing the right running clothing can make or break your run. Many running enthusiasts can tell you running horror stories of early running experiences. Many new runners wear the improper running shoes and have faith in the simple cotton tee-shirt. Here are a couple simple tips to keep in mind to keep you away from these running blunders.

-SCHEELS Running & Cycling Expert: Mike Ritzer

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5 Running Essentials 


Whether you will be running in a singlet, tee, or long sleeve shirt, be sure it’s constructed of a moisture wicking fabric. These fabrics will be the most comfortable because they are light in weight, wick moisture away, prevent chafing and if they become wet, will dry fast! Under Amour has a material that will keep you warm in the winter, and another that will keep you cool in summer. Keep a waterproof and windproof jacket handy if you are the type of runner to challenge the elements. Layering can be key on days when there are a wide range of temps, such as morning and dusk, or during runs lasting longer than an hour.


With so many flashy colors and styles on the market, it is easy to choose a shoe from the wall that simply looks stylish. There are 3 main categories of running shoes: neutral, stability, and motion control. Unfortunately, most new runners do not know their foot-type and tend to choose a shoe based on the color or style that is appealing to them. See a shoe expert to be fitted for the proper shoe! They can help you narrow down your options and chose a shoe you find ascetically pleasing and that is the right shoe for your foot. Tell them about any negative experiences with running shoes, aches or pains, favorite brands and what shoes have worked well in the past. Most importantly, trust your shoe expert if they say, “You need a bigger size”.


The socks a runner chooses to wear are just as important as any other clothing. Cotton or a cotton blend sock will absorb moisture, causing discomfort during a working, and will most-likely result in blisters. Merino wool is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, will take moisture away from the foot in a vapor (before it becomes a sweat drop) as well as regulate the temperature closest to your skin. A polyester blend will wick away moisture from your feet, leaving them dry and comfortable. Two go-to brands are SmartWool and Thor-Lo’s Experia line.


A pair of running specific shorts will help comfort on your next run. Running specific shorts help prevent chaffing, unnecessary bouncing, and are designed specifically for the running motion to prevent binding. Running shorts are made from a synthetic material which helps wick away moisture, keeping your dry and comfortable.


Wearing a ball-cap style hat can provide protection from the sun or rain as well as wick away moisture from your forehead on days when the temps are above freezing. Nike makes simple dri-fit ball-cap style hats and visors that would work well for males and females. On colder days, be sure to wear a warm headband or hat. SmartWool, Saucony, Nike and Mizuno offer some great cold weather options.

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