Choosing The Proper Helmet

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  • Choosing The Proper Helmet

In the past, wearing a bicycle helmet was uncomfortable, hot, and didn’t look very cool. Most people didn’t buy a helmet and those that did would leave them behind when they went out for a ride. Riders were forgetting to wear the most important accessory in the industry, replacing safety for comfort. Not wearing a helmet impacts everyone around you, including your friends and family. Nowadays, technology has advanced the helmet market to make them incredibly comfortable, cool, and stylish. Here’s a few things to look for when purchasing your next helmet.

-SCHEELS Cycling Expert: Mike Ritzer

Top 4 Guidelines 


Whether you are purchasing a helmet for $25.00 or $250.00, all bicycle helmets carry the same CSPC safety rating. What that means is by spending more money, you are not necessarily getting a ‘safer’ helmet. MIPS Technology or Multidirectional Impact Protection System, is a newer technology to the market that increases the protection it offers users.


The ventilation of a helmet plays a huge role in the comfort level. Many low priced helmets have small vents that are not strategically placed causing your head to become hot and sweaty. Spending a little more on a helmet will give you large vents with steady airflow making a helmet comfortable and cool.


Having the proper fit on a helmet increases your comfort level and makes you want to wear a helmet. Choose a helmet that is specific to your size (small, medium, large) as opposed to a helmet that is a universal fit.


Choose a helmet with some style. Whether you match the color of the helmet to your bike or bright neon color to increase your visibility, choose a helmet that you will want to wear.

There are many bike accessories that will add to your riding experience but a helmet is a safety must. Choose one that is comfortable and stylish, and will make you want to wear it.

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