Cycling Race Prep

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Race day is nearing and we want to ensure you are rested up. The week before a big race is crucial. A common mistake is thinking that rest means stopping riding completely while we believe scaling back is better than stopping altogether. Another factor that affects race day is your diet. Keep this in mind when reaching for a snack or meal after a long ride. We’ll help you prepare to have an ideal week before a race. 


You’ve trained hard up until the week before. Now you aren’t sure if you need to rest or keep a level of intensity to stay on track. Follow the schedule below to incorporate rest while keeping your legs ready for race day.

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  • Monday

    1.5 hours easy riding

  • Tuesday

    6 hours

  • Wednesday

    1.5 hours easy riding

  • Thursday

    Morning: 2 hours of endurance

    Afternoon: Intervals of 5-6 climbs of 3 minutes each

  • Friday

    1.5 hours of speedwork

  • Saturday

    1 hour easy, with 2-3 200m accelerations

  • Sunday

    Race Day

Night Before Race Day

  • One of the largest wives tale is to carb load the night before. This statement isn’t always true. Don’t eat anything different than what you would normally have the day before a ride.
  • Fill your water bottles and pack your energy foods. Lay out your equipment and get everything organized so you’re not stressing out on race day.
  • Get all the start times, maps and directions to the race location to eliminate the possibility of getting lost.

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