At-Home Workouts & Accessories

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  • At-Home Workouts & Accessories

Enjoy the convenience of working out at home? With these workouts and gear there is no need to go out in bad weather or wait in line for a machine to open up.

Equipment Free Workout | Repeat 4x

30 Jumping Jacks

25 Mountain Climbers

20 Mason Twist

15 Chair Dips

10 Single Leg Squats per leg

To increase difficulty: Add dumbbells

Indoor or Treadmill

After warming up, repeat 5x or more:

30 second sprint

15 Leg Lifts OR Rower Sit Ups

60 seconds rest

To increase difficulty: Add ankle weights

Stability Ball Workout

15 minutes As Many Rounds As Possible:

20 Reach for Toes (back on floor, feet on ball)

15 Hamstring Curls (shoulders on floor, hips up, feet on ball)

20 Sit Ups (hips/butt on ball)

Do you have your stability ball?

Equipment-Free Core Focus

30 seconds each, repeat 3x:

Wall Sit

Center Plank

Bridge Hold

Supeman Hold

Use a non-slip Manduka mat

Equipment-Free Core Focus

Repeat 3x:

15 Push Ups

20 Superman Raises

20 Rower Sit ups

20 Mason Twist

To increase difficulty: Add pushup stands

Prep your home with workout accessories

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