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  • Dorm Fitness

    Get Fit Even In Tight Quarters

College Fitness

Staying fit in college can be a struggle. Between studying and running from class to class, free time no longer exists to hit the gym or go for a run. Even when you have time available, dorm rooms are pretty limited on space. With a little help from us, finding a routine that requires a small amount of space and time is easier than ever.

Looking for more workout ideas? Get creative and use what is around you. Locate a stairwell and see how many flights of stairs you can climb in 15 minutes or take the steps 2 at a time to increase strength.

Simple body movements such as push ups, wall sits, and planks are great for building strength. If you want to challenge yourself, grab a few textbooks or cans of food and use them in place of weights while doing squats.

Yoga is a great way to stretch without using a ton of space. Clear a small area, roll out your mat and you are good to go.

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