Snowmobiling: All About The Gear

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  • Snowmobiling: All About The Gear

Gear Up and Get Out There

Use this gear list to shop or check off your essential items before heading out in the snow.

Personal Items

Before heading out, create a kit or package of personal items that you may need along the trail. This should include your driver’s license, money, critical medications, snowmobile safety certification card, insurance forms, cellphone, water and an extra pair of socks.

Safety Equipment

Always be sure to carry safety equipment on your snowmobile. There should be a pocket located on your snowmobile to hold such items or an emergency kit. This should include a map and compass, fire starter, extra ignition key, and a flashlight with spare batteries.

Located in your Klim Krew Pack (or safety pack) is a small shovel, goggle pocket, 3-liter Hydrapak, and an integrated whistle. This is helpful if you become stuck or stranded. Most shovels are small enough to be stored on your sled or attach to your backpack. The shovel is a must when riding in avalanche prone areas. Strobe lights or flares should be carried in your backpack or sled pocket also. Carry flares at all times, especially when riding at dusk or dawn.

The last must have safety item is an emergency first aid kit. This will include a small variety of safety items should you get hurt or find yourself in an emergency situation. You can also build your own emergency kit to be sure you always have what you need.

Additional Safety Items

BCA Stealth 260 Carbon Avalanche Probe

BCA Tracker DTS Avalanche Beacon

Snobunje Snowmobile Cobra


Knife Pliers Multi-tool

BCA Float 22 Avalanche Airbag Pack

Spare belt

Spark plugs

Extra fuel


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